Golden Pencil Awards!

Posted by Allyson Rude Azevedo on 12/14/2018

Golden Pencil

Every Friday, 1 student is chosen by each staff member to receive a Golden Pencil... 

Receiving this pencil means that the staff member has recongnized
the efforts by the student.  It's the staff's way of celebrating
and honoring the student.

So far, the following students have been awarded
Golden Pencil by a staff member:

Adrian Certuche     Jai'Lan Dunn     Ashley Tate
Jose Alamo Ramos   Christopher Rodriguez   Emily Stevens
Isabella Crummey-Smith     Ava Shoene     Stephen Saquing
Ethan Bonny     Lauren Weinzinger     Isaiah Lagman
Marina Rosta     Leila Kumler      Dalia Johnson
Ja'Niece McCutcheon      Sal Sanchez      Marina Rosta
Eric Mendoza     Joey Beaton     Camryn Baldwin
Isaiah Tubbs   Jacob-Kolby Baxter       Martell Williams
Elian DelaCerda     Hailey Connelly      Joseph Robles
Elaine Adams