• Safe & Modern Travis Unified Schools

    Originally founded in 1962, Travis Unified School District (TUSD) continues to provide convenient, 21st century education for local students. The district’s five elementary schools, one middle school, comprehensive high school, alternative high school, community day school and independent study program provides safe and engaging learning environments for approximately 5,300 local students.

    Aging Schools in Need of Repair

    Many District schools and buildings are over 50 years old and in need of repairs and updates to meet modern school safety and academic standards. Replacements and upgrades to aging plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems are needed.

    Upgrading Classrooms for Outstanding Education

    Travis Unified School District is proud to have award-winning science and technology teachers and programs. Our older classrooms and labs require updated wiring and technology infrastructure to help preserve performance standards and keep educational facilities up to date. These improvements will support core academics including math, science, technology, engineering, reading and writing and prepare students to compete for 21st century careers.

    Measure M: Safe and Modern Classrooms for Travis Schools

    To protect strong student achievement and improve school safety, the Governing Board placed Measure M, a $64 million school repair bond measure on the November 2022 ballot. The estimated cost for property owners would be limited to 6 cents per 100 dollars of assessed (not market) value, and if approved, Measure M would help to:

    • Replace aging plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems
    • Repair, modernize and add classrooms for core academic subjects, including math, science, reading, writing, robotics, technology and career technical instruction
    • Enhance school safety and security, including security systems, cameras, lighting, playgrounds, walkways and paving
    • Improve access for students with disabilities

    Strict Fiscal Accountability Required

    Measure M includes strong fiscal safeguards:

    • All funds will stay local to improve TUSD schools — no funds may be used by the State  
    • Independent citizen oversight and audits will be required
    • No funds could go to administrator salaries or pensions
    • Measure M would help our schools qualify for additional State funding

    We Want to Hear From You!

    TUSD welcomes your input on Measure M. Please complete the survey at www.tinyurl.com/TravisSDSurvey.

    For more information about Measure M, please review the links below, or contact Gabe Moulaison, Chief Business Officer, at gmoulaison@travisusd.org

    Measure M - Fact Sheet

    Measure M - FAQs


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