Short-Term Independent Study may be an option for students who have unavoidable absences and will be absent for three (3) to fifteen (15) consecutive days. Eligible students may have their parent apply for a Short-Term Independent Study contract at the school attendance office at least five days before the student absence begins. If a student must be gone for more than 15 days, the student must be withdrawn from the Travis Unified School District and enrolled in the destination district. 

    If a student does not meet the eligibility requirements for a Short-Term Independent Study contract, the absences will be considered to be “unexcused”, and will be added in when considering truancy referrals for the student. Short-Term Independent Study contracts will not be issued during state testing periods, nor during finals weeks which are the last week of each semester. There can be no more than two (2) Short-Term Independent Study contracts granted per student per school year. All contracted work must be submitted to the school on the contracted day of return and will be kept on file for audit records. If all the contracted work is returned with satisfactory progress, the student will maintain a clear attendance record. If the student’s work is unsatisfactory, or incomplete, the school can only grant excused days of absence for the amount of satisfactory work returned. The additional days of absence will be considered unexcused, and will count towards truancy limits. If a student had any unexcused absence(s) due to failure to complete work on an initial Short-Term Independent Study contract, a second Short-Term Independent Study contract will not be granted for that school year.