• ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS – All seventh grade students have two periods of English Language Arts. (Lit/Write or Intervention)

    Literature Through the reading and analysis of quality literature and informational texts, students will develop skills in comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking and public speaking. Students will be required to read independently and to develop a comprehensive knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the written word.
    Writing Using literature as a model, students will receive direct instruction and guided practice in the art of writing. Writing will be taught as a process, incorporating pre-writing, drafting, responding, revising, editing and publishing. Grammatical concerns will be addressed in conjunction with student writing.

    Intervention English Language Arts-This course is designed to cover the essential content standards in English Language Arts.  Students will read a variety of texts and practice the skills of effective and strategic readers.  The writing instruction will be explicit and is designed to increase student writing proficiency.  Students will study grade level literature, develop vocabulary, and respond to various creative and expository prompts throughout the course.  Emphasis will be on comprehension, vocabulary development, critical thinking skills, and writing expression.  Students will receive targeted instruction tailored to students’ needs and academic goals.

    7th Grade