• Dear Travis District Employees:

    Travis is committed to providing each employee with a safe and healthy work environment. Our goal is to provide a training program that will help each employee work safely and effectively by broadening their knowledge of safety issues.

    Please follow the instructions below to access your personal TargetSolutions training site:

    URL:  http://www.targetsolutions.com/travisusd (type directly into address bar)

    Username:  email@travisusd.org (Substitutes use the address submitted with your new hire paperwork)

    Password: travis2019

    If this is your first time logging in, once you enter your username and password, click SUBMIT, the system will take you to your TargetSolutions site where you will update your password and answer two security questions.

    Once logged in, you will see your first assignment, which is the “TargetSolutions User Overview Video”.  This video will take about 10 minutes to complete and will provide you with a basic overview of navigating the program.

    Please feel free to contact TargetSolutions Client Support at 1-800-840-8048 or support@targetsolutions.com for assistance with your login, launching your training courses or answering any questions you may have concerning the TargetSolutions program. 

  • Required assignments:

    Airborne Pathogens Safety: Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (Self-assigned)

    Anti-Harassment Training for All Employees- (Classified/ Credentialed)

    Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors and Managers (Administrators ONLY)

    Bloodborne Pathogens Safety (Classified/ Credentialed)

    Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training (Classified/Credentialed)