• Dress Code 

    Scandia Elementary School does have recommendations for dress that in our experience, will improve the safety of children on the playground.  It is also our aim to develop pride in appearance in our students.  We want to keep our standards as high as possible, and only through the parents’ and students’ cooperation can this be done.

     ¨ School attire should be appropriate, modest, and in good taste.  Students should not wear clothing with violence, drugs, or gang connotations.

    ¨ Short-shorts, halter tops, tops with spaghetti straps and bare midriff shirts are not proper dress for school. 

    ¨ Thong type sandals and shoes with high heels are not appropriate because they present a safety hazard on the playground and during P.E. periods.

    ¨ Caps or hats that are worn in a position other than the bill of the cap or hat facing forward and wearing a hat or cap inside without special permission related to a medical or religious reasons is not permitted.  Removing hats when entering a building is standard military practice and will be taught to our students as well.  Therefore students are not permitted to wear hats indoors without permission for a stated medical or religious reason. 

     ¨ Girls may wear scarves on their hair.

    ¨ Makeup is not appropriate for elementary age students.



    Wednesdays are School T-Shirt (Spirit)Days. 
    All students are encouraged to wear their
    School T-shirts or the school colors (purple and gold).

     Fridays are Support Our Military Days. 
    Students should wear red, white and blue.