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Welcome to Foxboro!


    Welcome to Foxboro Elementary!


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    Weekly Message is located below the December 12 Days to Winter Break.






    Get ready to celebrate our December 12 Days to Winter Break!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Welcome to our third annual 12 Days to Winter Break! Below you will find the list of days, spirit day themes, holiday songs, link to song videos, random act of kindness, and Google Folder link to share pictures with me. In addition, the Foxboro PTA activities will be hosting fun activities for students and staff during the school day on these 12 days. I will get you a schedule of events as soon as possible.




    Spirit Day

    Song & Video Link 

    Random Act of Kindness

    Google Folder for Pictures


    Thursday, December 2nd

    Today’s not the day for a holiday nap. Turn up your spirit-o-meter and wear a cap! 


    Wear your favorite holiday hat or headband! 

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town 


    Give someone a compliment. 

    12/2 - Holiday Hats


    Friday, December 3rd

    It’s the last weeks of school and we don’t need the drama. Come to school in your warm pajamas! 


    Wear your favorite cozy or holiday pajamas. 

    It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 


    Send a colored picture or thank you note to a Foxboro staff member.

    12/3 - Pajamas


    Monday, December 6th

    It’s Winter time, don’t make a scene. Just get dressed in red and green! 


    Wear your finest red and green.

    It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


    Write a holiday card to a local senior at Paramount House Senior Living. 

    12/6 - Red & Green


    Tuesday, December 7th

    Let us see your happy feet. Warm and fuzzy or Holiday socks will definitely be a special treat! 


    Wear your favorite fuzzy or holiday socks! 

    Jingle Bells 


    Add an encouraging message to your sidewalk using chalk. 

    12/7 - Socks


    Wednesday, December 8th

    Don’t be a Grinch! Be a Cindy Lou-Who. Wear your green and a big smile too! 


    Wear green or dress like a character from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

    Where are You Christmas 


    Pass along a great book that you have read to a friend. 

    12/8 - Grinch


    Thursday, December 9th

    If you ever ride in Santa’s magic sleigh, you’ll need something warm to keep the snow away. 


    Wear snow or sparkle themed apparel. 

    Let It Snow 


    Write a thank you note to a Foxboro staff member. 

    12/9 - Snow & Sparkle


    Friday, December 10th 

    It’s 2020’s close, so show your school spirit. We’ve almost earned a two week break, so don your best for goodness sake! 


    Wear your Foxboro spirit wear or school colors. 

    Jingle Bell Rock


    Write a note to a family member letting them know that they are special and you love them. 

    12/10 - Spirit Wear


    Monday, December 13th

    We’ll be home for Christmas this year. 


    Dress how your family celebrates the December holidays or your favorite holiday shirt. 

    I’ll be Home for Christmas 


    Call or text a friend  with a positive message or tell them that you miss them. 

    12/13 - Family Celebrates


    Tuesday, December 14th

    Mele Kalikimaka wear Hawaiian gear. And we can make believe that an island vacation is near. 


    Wear your best tourist/island gear (it’s not warm enough for swimsuits). 

    Mele Kalikimaka 


    Place a sign with kind messages in your windows, so people can be inspired when they drive or walk by. 

    12/14 - Tourist & Island


    Wednesday, December 15th

    One gift Santa can’t give is the gift of knowledge. For that you will need to go to college. 


    Wear your favorite college shirt or colors!


    Run, Run Rudolph 


    Do a household chore without being asked - make your bed, pick up your toys, clean your room. 

    12/15 - College Wear


    Thursday, December 16th

    Nothing looks better than an Ugly Holiday Sweater, especially in this December weather. 


    Wear your favorite ugly holiday sweater or festive wear! 

    Deck the Halls 


    Write or draw a gratitude list of 5 things you are grateful for. 

    12/16 - Ugly Sweater


    Friday, December 17th 

    Don we now our plaid apparel. 


    Wear your most cozy plaid or flannel.

    Winter Wonderland 


    Go for a walk with your family and pick up trash along the way. 

    12/17 - Plaid & Flannel











    Fox Family Update - Week of 12-06-21




    Happy Sunday Foxboro Families,

    Here’s what you need to know for the week ahead!

    Impact Aid Cards - DUE DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED  

    We have paper impact aid cards for the remainder of our families that need to complete one. The paper impact aid card needs to be turned into our front office. Please complete the impact aid card in ink and make sure that all four areas are completed, including the checkboxes.  Please complete your card immediately! 

    We are so close to our goal of 100%! If our school completes 100% of our impact aid cards before Winter Break, each student will receive a gift card for a free 5 ounce yogurt at Cultive on Davis Street in Vacaville.

    For more information click on the link below. 
    Foxboro’s 12 Days to Winter Break
    Let the holiday fun continue! Starting Thursday, December 2nd, and each day for the 12 days leading up to the Winter Break, we will be celebrating and having some fun together! Every day has a new theme, including a spirit day, holiday song, and random act of kindness. Our amazing PTA has planned fun events and activities for students and staff to participate in throughout the 12 school days. Show your enthusiasm and spirit by posting pictures each day to our Foxboro Elementary PTA (Vacaville) Facebook page. See attached calendar for more details!


    First Trimester Awards 
    This week we will be celebrating student achievement with classroom awards for the first trimester. Miss Andrews and Mr. Marcoux will be visiting Foxboro classrooms as scheduled below. Please join us on the Foxboro Elementary Facebook page as we will be posting photos and using Facebook Live to stream and record each of these award celebrations for our families to watch.  If you are not already following the Foxboro Elementary Facebook page, you will want to follow the page prior to the awards celebrations.



















     Van Heusen



















    1:25 -1:45



















    Use this link to join the amazing Foxboro PTA! Our goal is to have 500 members by Friday, December 10th!

    Foxes Give Back - Play Doh Drive for Shriners Hospital

    Foxboro Faces 
    Each week we will be featuring one of the amazing grade levels or teams at Foxboro. This week we are highlighting two members of our social-emotional support team - Ms. Shannon Carter, School Psychologist and Ms. Monica Padilla, School Social Worker.

    Volunteers/Visitors on Campus
    According to the State Public Health Officer, everyone working in K-12 schools must provide proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test weekly. If you plan on visiting or volunteering at Foxboro this year, please provide our school office with a copy of your vaccination card or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the day that you are visiting or volunteering. This order does not apply to families that are just picking up or dropping off their child(ren). This order does apply to anyone that is planning on visiting our campus or attending an in-person meeting of any type (IEP meetings, SST meeting, 504 meetings, etc.). You will need to provide our school office with a copy of your vaccination card or a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the day that you are visiting.
    We thank our families for their partnership in keeping all of our students and staff safe and our school open!

    Dropping Off & Picking Up Students
    Drop off and pick up continues to improve each week. As a reminder, please do not drop your students off before 8:10 a.m., unless they are eating breakfast. The Foxboro parking lot is closed to vehicle traffic from 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The driveway will be coned off, accessible only to those with a handicap placard and school buses. Dropping off and picking up your students in a timely manner is important and we appreciate your efforts!

    Thank you for prioritizing the safety of our school family each day when you drop off and pick up your children. Please be mindful not to park in no parking zones, double or triple park along any of the streets surrounding Foxboro, or make illegal u-turns after dropping your student off.  Also, thank you for being good role models for each of our Foxes by using the crosswalks to cross streets when coming to and from the Foxboro campus. The Vacaville Police Department prioritizes the safety of our families and will regularly be patrolling and ticketing the area before and after school.

    Daily Health Checks
    Daily health checks are a critical component of keeping our students safe and school open. Thank you for making these health checks part of your family’s morning routine each day. We are depending on you to screen your children for symptoms of COVID-19 every day before sending them to school.  Our staff will also do wellness self-checks before coming in each day. People with these symptoms may possibly have COVID-19, and must stay home.  If symptoms start while your child is at school, we will call you to pick your child up right away.

    Possible symptoms include: 

    • Fever or chills  
    • Cough  
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing  
    • Fatigue  
    • Muscle or body aches  
    • Headache  
    • New loss of taste or smell  
    • Sore throat  
    • Congestion or runny nose  
    • Nausea or vomiting  
    • Diarrhea  

    We are depending on our whole school community to work together to keep the virus out of our schools.  A morning health check is a critical piece of that effort. 
    Please contact our school office if your child has been in contact with a COVID positive person or has tested positive for COVID.  If your student has any known allergies, such as seasonal allergies, or other health concerns such as asthma, please update this information in your parent portal or contact our Mrs. Staci Cope, our Health Specialist in the Front Office.
    It is our commitment to keep everyone safe while also keeping our school open. When coming to the Foxboro campus, everyone is required to wear a mask. All students are required to wear a mask over their mouth and nose while at school (unless in designated recess areas, PE, or eating lunch or snack outside). Gators, bandanas, or other kinds of face coverings including, but not limited to, mesh, lace, or crochet, are not acceptable.

    Important Dates/Events

    Handle With Care
    If your family is experiencing difficulties at home, we would like to provide additional support at school. We understand that you are not always able to share details and that’s okay. If your child is coming to school after a difficult night, morning, or weekend, please email their teacher “Handle with Care.” Nothing else will be said or asked. This will let us know that your child may need extra time, patience, or help during the day. Please also feel free to email this message to myself or Mr. Marcoux at - or

    We feel so thankful that each of you have chosen to be part of our Foxboro family, where every piece has a purpose!

    With grateful hearts,

    Miss Andrews & Mr. Marcoux



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    Foxboro Office Office hours  7:30 AM - 3:30 PM. 

    Please email/call our office staff at (707) 447-7883

    Michele Berry ( Secretary

    Cindy Koyle ( School Clerk



    Kindergarten and new student Enrollment for 2021-22! 

    Information about kindergarten is located under the KINDERGARTEN and PARENT tab shown in this screen capture.  


    Website Menu for Kindergarten Enrollment


    Enrollment steps for all new students:

    Step 1:  Do you live in the Travis District?  Please use School Locator  to show your child's school.

    Step 2:  Travis District now uses the process of online enrollment for all grades.  This link will allow you to access the online portal for enrollment.

    If you have any questions regarding the enrollment process, please email Cindy Koyle at



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