•  Independent Study 
    Short term independent study may be an option for students who will be absent for five consecutive school days or more, up to 15 days per school year.  Applications for Independent Study are available at the Foxboro office.  Please call Foxboro office at 707-447-7883 if you have any questions about this program.
    Guidelines Summary:
    • Contracts must be submitted to the office 10 school days before the student leaves.
    • Contracts may be denied if requested less than 10 schooldays before the absence begins.
    • Applications will also be denied during the first and /or last week of school and will be denied during STAR testing
    • To be eligible for Sort-Term Independent Study Contract, a student must have satisfactory academic progress and attendance.
    • If the student does not meet the eligibility requirements listed in the contract, the absences will be considered to be 'unexcused"
    • Less  than three days of unexcused absences and/or tardies of 30 minutes or more are required for approval
    • There can be no more than 2 Short -Term Independent Study contracts granted per student per school.  
    • All work must be returned when the child returns to class.