clipart image of a school bus      Volunteering at Foxboro
    An integral part of the success of Foxboro Elementary students is due to our volunteers. Parents, grandparents, and volunteers must complete the online  application at the beginning of each school year.
    • Volunteers are required to sign in daily on the Visitors Log in the office, wear a pass, and sign into the volunteer website at the office kiosk.  Please  proceed directly to the classroom. Each year we have disappointed parents who are not allowed to go on field trips because they have not completed volunteer online back ground check. We strongly suggest parents complete this process at the beginning of the school year.
    • Many changes are taking place: new curriculum, new methods, new equipment, new zest and enthusiasm on the part of teachers and students. We cordially invite you to visit the school. Assemblies, programs, and performances are held throughout the year and are advertised in our school calendar and newsletter distributed monthly. 
    • All visitors must sign in on the Visitor’s Log in the school office and obtain a Visitor/Volunteer pass and sign into the olunteer website at the office kiosk. You are welcome to visit your child’s classroom; teachers appreciate advance notice, if possible. Please monitor the behavior of pre-school age siblings while on campus. We are sorry we cannot accommodate children not enrolled in our school for visitation. 
    Please do not go directly to classrooms during class hours. All visitors must sign in at the front office to ensure the safety of all our children.