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    New Student Enrollment Begins for 2019-20

    Kindergarten Age Requirements

    Kindergarten Age/Date Breakdown for 2020-21

    Kindergarten - child must be have been born on or before September 1, 2015

    TK- born on September 2, 2015 - December 2, 2015

    If child was born December 3, 2015 or after the child must wait until the following year to enroll in Kindergarten


    Please follow the links below to enroll your child for the current and upcoming school year.


    Step 1:  Do you live in the Travis District?  Please follow this link to access the  School Locator 

    This link will show you which school your child is assigned to attend.

    Step 2:  Travis District now uses the process of online enrollment for all grades.  This link will allow you to access the online portal for enrollment.

     Step 3:  Please bring the required documents to the Foxboro office to complete enrollment if your child is assigned to Foxboro Elementary school:

    * Birth Certificate

    * Child's immunization record

    * Please provide two separate documents showing your address. Acceptable documents include (2) of any listed utility service statement:  PG&E, water, garbage, phone, cable TV.  More details are available by following the online portal link above.  

    *  Living out of the Travis District and would like to apply to attend a Travis District school?  Follow this link for more information about IDA process. 

    *  Do you want to request to attend another Travis District school?  Follow this link for for more information on how to complete the IntraDistrict request

    *  If you do not have these documents in your name, you will need to complete a Shared Affidavit of Residence at the Student Services department of the Travis District by contacting Cristen Severns (cayers@travisusd.org) at (707) 437-4604 Ext. 1114.