• Fiscal Services is responsible for maintaining all fiscal activities of the District; budget, financial reporting, accounts receivable, purchasing and payment for services and supplies. 
    Phone (707) 437-4604 /  Fax (707) 437-8238
  • Trudy Barrington
    Director, Fiscal Services
    Sara Smith
    Accounting, Budget,
    Fiscal Specialist
    -Accounts Receivable
    -Associated Student Body
    -Invoicing & financial reports
    -Posting financial transactions
    -Preparation of deposit of funds 
    -Budget transfers
    Socorro Antonio
    Accounting Asst./
    Accounts Payable
    ext. 1221
    -Accounts payable
    -Travel, conference & mileage reimbursements
    -Utility payments
    -Petty cash reimbursements
    -1099 information 
    Tracee Eberhart
    Purchasing/Payroll Asst.
    ext. 1268
    -Requisitions & Purchase Orders
    -Quotation requests
    -Food service deposits & meal applications
    -District copier maintenance
    -General purchasing
    Nadine Patterson
    Certificated Payroll & Benefits
    ext. 1225
    -Payroll for all certificated personnel & substitutes
    -COBRA administration for all personnel
    -Retiree benefit administration for all personnel
    Samantha Real
    Classified Payroll & Benefits
    ext. 1224
    -Payroll for all classified personnel & substitutes
    -Benefits questions
    -Accounts receivable