• School Vision and Mission
    Center Elementary is committed to providing a comprehensive educational program in a safe learning environment. Our mission is to have all students know, understand, and be able to demonstrate proficiency of the grade level set forth by the state of California and adopted by the Travis Unified School District with the following basic aims:
    • To provide a place where staff, students, and parents can share in the teaching-learning process and feel free to communicate their individual needs.

    • To provide a place where staff, students, and parents feel there is a sense of safety and a positive atmosphere for teaching

    • To provide an atmosphere where staff, students, and parents can communicate their concerns to the teachers and administration.

    • To provide a school program designed to address the wide variation in physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of the students,
       including handicapped and special needs students.

    • To provide students with an academic program that will assist them in attaining an achievement level appropriate to their abilities.

    • To provide a process of student evaluation which reports the many aspects of development and requires substantial parent, teacher, and student

    • To provide a setting which promotes self-discipline and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

    • To provide a setting that develops the respect for the rights of
       individuals, encourages free expression of ideas, and openness to the beliefs of others.
  • Profile
    Center is one of five elementary schools in the Travis Unified School District. The school was built in 1958, and presently has 26 classrooms. The site has a very large playground and also 4 acres of grassed playing field on the top deck. Currently, there are 482 kindergarten through sixth grade students enrolled.

    Community support for the school is strong, especially in support roles. Community members provide direct support to students and teachers by working in the classrooms and the Library Media Center. The Parent Teacher Association has been very active and has provided fund raising activities which have helped support field trips, assemblies, and instructional material to the school.