• What does attendance mean to me?

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    General Absences

    Children cannot learn if they are not in school. California schools no longer receive funding for students who are sick or have an excused absence.  It is essential that your child attend school whenever possible including for a partial day, before or after appointments. State attendance requirements, however, still rely on excused and unexcused tallies. It is important to remember that parents/guardians have three days to excuse an absence in person, written note, phone call, or email.

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  • Can you explain how attendance works?

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    Attendance Flow Chart

    Absences not cleared after 3 days will be counted as Unexcused. Absences may be cleared by:

    ·        calling the schools 24 hour absence line at 437-2070, and pressing option 2

    ·        emailing the office staff at awilkerson@travisusd.org

    ·        a written note to the school 

    After 3 Unexcused absences or 3 Lates (31 minutes or more) or 10% of the school year (absences have to exceed 10)

    ·        First notice of truancy

    After 1 additional unexcused absence or Late (4 total)

    ·        Second notice of Truancy

    ·        SART (Student Attendance Review Team meeting) 

    After next additional unexcused absence or Late (5 total)

    ·        Third notice of Truancy

    ·        Referral to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) meeting

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  • What if my child is late to school?

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    Lates and Tardies
    Children are encouraged to establish a habit of promptness. Students are at a disadvantage when they enter late, as they frequently miss directions given by the teacher. After 8:05 and 11:15, TK, Kindergarten and students Grades 1-6 students need a pass to enter class. Lates count towards truancy. A student is considered truant if he/she arrives more than 30 minutes after the start of school. Students who are removed from school early or are late or tardy, will not be considered for Perfect Attendance Awards.
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  • What can I do if my child will miss several days of school?

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    Short-Term Independent Study Application
    Travis Unified School District      

    Independent Study is for UNAVOIDABLE absences for 5-15 school days.

    No more than two short-term independent studies totaling no more than 15 total school days will be approved.  An Independent Study request must be made at least ten school days in advance. This gives the teacher time to prepare work for the student. If a family emergency arises the parent must get an exception from the school administrator.


    Academic Requirements: Student must be making satisfactory academic progress. Students in K-3 cannot have any Unsatisfactory in core academic subjects. Students in 4-6 cannot have any Interventions in the core academic areas. For grades K-6 Special Education students, the progress report or report card must indicate progress towards meeting goals and objectives.

    Attendance Requirements: Students must have less than 3 days of unexcused absences and/or tardies of 30 minutes or more.

    Additional Restrictions: Independent Studies will not be issued during SBAC testing weeks. If work is not completed or returned no further independent studies can be taken that year. All work is due on the day the student returns to school. Late work will result in unexcused absences for the student. If the requirements for a short-term independent study are not met, absences will be unexcused and count towards truancy.

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