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  • Attention Journalism students: view your work for phase 2 of distance learning on this page.

    Click here to access the instructions OR view them below.

    Dear Valhalla Family, 

    Phase 2 of distance learning begins on Monday April 6, 2020. This page contains all your work from 4/6/20 through 5/1/20. Spring Break is during 4/10/20 through 4/19/20, so you will not need to complete assignments during that time. 

    The assignments for Phase 2 are very similar to the work you completed during the first portion of the school closure. You will still journal daily, but instead of reading and analyzing news and interviewing others, you will be creating stories. My hope is that we will have lots of material to create engaging stories for the class to publish next year. 

    Task #1-Weekly Check-In

    Complete the weekly check-in by clicking on the links below. Do one by Friday every week. 


    Task #2-Daily Writing & Publishing

    Please note: You have one new step for this assignment. Upload ONE journal to your website every week. Instructions are in the last bullet point. 

    • Write one paragraph MINIMUM in the Drafting/Writing section of your notebook. Yes, you MUST write one paragraph A DAY. That means you should have 14 paragraphs written total. 
    • An effective paragraph is 5 complete sentences minimum. Feel free to write more than a paragraph! 
    • Put the date at the top of the paragraph every day when you start writing. 
    • What and how you write is up to you. Capture your thoughts, questions, comments, and concerns about the events that are happening around you and to you. Write down your history. 
    • Here are some resources for inspiration if you’re not sure what to write about:
      • Resources from other sites: Click each resource’s name to access it.
      • Prompts: 
        • Explain how the virus has interrupted or disrupted your school year. Talk about sporting events, concerts, assemblies, dances, or anything else that is important to you that got cancelled. 
        • Discuss how your daily life has been disrupted. 
        • Share the effect it has had on your friends and family. 
        • Keep track of what you watch, read, and listen to. An even better exercise would be to write reviews of movies, TV shows, podcasts, and video games that you are consuming. 
        • Respond to any media about this crisis. You could find articles, headlines, photos, tweets, podcasts, TED talks, etc. online and respond to them in writing. This is just like we do during Notebook Time. Pick something you like or think is particularly well-written or well-done and respond to it. 
    • Publish (required): Choose at least ONE journal entry that you think is the most interesting, well-written, honest, or engaging. Upload the journal entry to your journalism site. You could even combine several journals if you would like to share them. Feel free to upload school appropriate photo or video, art you have created, or other non-traditional journaling methods. Upload the Journal every Sunday evening at the latest. 

    If you do not have your notebook, write your journal entries on separate sheets of paper, in Google Docs, or in your school One Drive. 

    Task #3-Write an article

    • Choose ONE of the following options and write an article that meets the requirements. 
      • Option 1: Write and submit a personal article for PBS and Student Reporting Labs. 
        • Click here to see the requirements. Be sure to choose and respond to only ONE of the prompts. 
        • Use your daily journals from phases 1 and 2 of distance learning to inspire your story. 
        • Publish the story according to the guidelines in the document AND to turnitin.com. You will not receive credit if you don’t do both. 
      • Option 2: Write an article that tells someone else’s story based on the interviews you already completed. 
        • Complete a Background Draft for the articleThe Background Draft for this assignment is different from what you’re used to. You can create a copy of this in your own One Drive or Google drive, OR you can do the steps in your notebook. 
        • Write the story. If you need help, see the writing resources on this page: https://www.travisusd.org/Page/5130. 
      • Option 3: Conduct and record a Story Corps style interview. 
    • Write one article or story and submit it to turnitin.com by 11:59 pm on Sunday 5/3/20. 
      • If you choose Option 3, you will upload your REFLECTION to turnitin.com, but your interview will be uploaded to Flip Grid.

    Email me at any time to get help, talk, or share what you have written. I will also write every day. I will upload my writing to the class website. Unless you want to share it, you will not be required to share the writing you do daily. You will be graded on a credit (all entries present and the required length)/no credit (entries missing or incomplete) basis. Take photos of all your journals and upload them into a document. Next, share the document with Ms. Negin. If there is something you don’t want me to read, you can blur or block that part of the journal, but please make sure I can tell you wrote a full paragraph. 


    Ms. Negin 


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