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    On this page, you will find our course listings and the associated syllabus for that course.  If you would like to contact your student's teacher, please click on the Contact Information link on the left hand side of the page. Course syllabi can accessed by clicking on the link to the right of the course title. 
    Introduction to Theater Arts (9th-12th)  Syllabus
    Intermediate Drama (10th-12th)  Syllabus
    Advanced Drama   (10th-12th)  Syllabus
    Stagecraft    (10th - 12th)  Syllabus
    Piano Class                        (9th - 12th)      Syllabus
    Symphonic Band (9th - 12th) 
    Jazz Band          (9th - 12th)  Syllabus
    Marching Band    (9th - 12th)   
    Wind Ensemble              (9th - 12th)  Syllabus
    AP Music Theory   (10th-12th)   Syllabus
    Art I: Fundamentals  (9th - 12th)              Albers        Draim  
    Art II: Drawing and Painting (10th - 12th)  Syllabus    
    Art II: Graphic Design  (10th - 12th)  Syllabus    
    Art II: Sculpture  (10th - 12th)       
    Art III: Three Dimensional Design 
    (11th - 12th) 
    Computer Graphics 
    (10th - 12th) 
    AP Studio Art: 2-D Design