• Proper clothing is important at our school. Modest, simple attire is best. Exposed undergarments, midriffs, or cleavage are not allowed. “Sagging” of pants or shorts is not allowed, as well as, short shorts and short skirts (If students wear inappropriate clothes to school, they will be required to change into GWMS Loaner Clothing.) Continued dress code infractions will result in progressive disciplinary action.
    The following items are not to be worn on campus: (The administration will use discretion in determining dress code violations).

    • Bandanas or doo-rags. Head coverings are not allowed except for religious purposes.
    • Hats worn during class except for PE class if outside.
    • See-through, strapless, skimpy, inappropriate tops showing cleavage, bare midriffs, or lace exposing skin/cleavage.
    • Bra straps may not be seen; however, camisole or narrow tank top straps are acceptable.
    • Blankets worn as jackets.
    • Chains connecting wallets to belt or pants. Dangerous jewelry/jewelry adorning weapons.
    • Clothing or backpacks displaying and/or insinuating obscenity, profanity, tobacco, alcohol, drug logos, weaponry, violence, degrading or inflammatory statements.
    • Sagging pants – If your pants cannot stay up without a belt and are showing your undergarments, you will need to use a zip tie or change into loaner clothing.
    • Short shorts/skirts, more than 4” above the knee.
    • Pants with holes/rips that are above acceptable shorts or skirt lengths, unless worn with leggings/tights.
    • No pajamas; bottoms or otherwise.
    • Slippers, socks, or high heels/spiked heel shoes.

    The administration will notify parents of any changes to this policy during the year should that be necessary.

    Type of Violation            1st Violation              2nd Violation               3rd Violation               4th Violation
    Dress Code                    Required to Change   Required to Change      Required to Change     Required to Change 
                                           Written Warning        2-days Detention          4-days Detention         Saturday School