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  • April

    Course Selection Image

    As we are coming up on the end of the school year, it is time to start thinking about courses for next year! All student course requests to request electives for next year should be submitted. If your student has not submitted their course request, please make sure they do so ASAP!

    Click here for links to the request form and more information about our elective offerings.


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  • March

    Find Your Future: Events – College & Career Readiness

    For the month of March, counselors will be preparing for upcoming course requests for the '22-'23 school year. We encourage families to visit the recent Career Exploration activities assigned on Google Classroom using the Naviance college/career platform. See February's announcement below for more information about this valuable program.


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  • February

    College and Career Readiness Night - Jones Middle School

    This month, counselors are preparing students to be college and career ready by getting students connected to their Naviance Student Account. Naviance is a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness solution and can be accessed directly on your student's Launchpad in the Learning Resources folder. There is a wealth of information to explore different career options, take assessments that give suggestions about what careers may be a good fit, and see what is required to attain that career. Students can also use the College Search option to explore different colleges and save their favorites. Click here to learn more.


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  • December

    Mission 2025

    Quarter 2 Progress Grades are available and Counselors will be assigning an Academic Support plan to any student with 2 or more D or F grades. These plans will be assigned through your student's Counseling Google Classroom. Academic Plans involve: goal setting, determining needed support, setting a hw schedule, and incentives for achievement. Please help ensure your student has accepted the invitation to join this Classroom and submits this assignment by the due date. While Counseling Classroom assignments are not graded, they are provided to help your student gain important skills and habits for academic success. If your student requires additional assistance with their plan, please have them contact their Counselor directly.


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  • 9,214 Mindfulness Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock

    Counselors will be going into all Science courses December 13 - 17, 2021 to teach all students about mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 7th graders will gain an introduction to mindfulness, calm down strategies, and stress management strategies. 8th graders will practice mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and be introduced to the cognitive behavioral triangle of thoughts, feelings, and actions.


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  • November

    Brain Exercise Training Common - Free image on Pixabay

    School counselors will be going into 7th and 8th grade classes through October and November to teach students growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that our brains are flexible and not fixed, meaning if you persevere, ask questions, and get help when needed, you can improve your skills and understanding of the topic. Students will gain confidence and self-efficacy by learning that mistakes can be helpful, reviewing how practice can strengthen neural connections in our brain, and understanding that persevering through a challenge can make our brains stronger and the topic easier moving forward.


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  • October

    Ridgefield School District

    Golden West is celebrating National Bullying Prevention Month to help teach our students kindness, inclusion, and empathy in hopes of creating a world without bullying. 

    This month, there will be morning announcements reviewing what bullying is and how students can be upstanders and stand up for what is right. Students will also be finishing a bully prevention pledge during the 1st week of October in their 1st period classes that asks them to complete one of the following sentences:

    "I will stand up for others by..."
    "I will show kindness by..."
    "I will prevent bullying by..."
    "I will support my peers by..."

    The 3rd week of October will include a poster making campaign at lunch, where students can create posters to increase the awareness of bullying prevention. There will also be a large pledge poster students can sign to end bullying.

    On Wednesday, October 20th, everyone is asked to Wear Blue in recognition of Bullying Prevention Month.

    The 4th week of October, students will be given a Kindness Checklist where they are challenged to complete a variety of takes to spread kindness and positivity to others. Students who can complete the whole checklist will receive special recognition.


    At home you can help us put an end to bullying by talking about it with your child, encouraging them to be kind to everyone they meet and emphasizing the importance of speaking up whenever they see bullying happen.


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  • September


    GW School Counselors and our Library Technician, Ms. Cushman will be visiting 7th and 8th grade Science classrooms to help connect students to their student emails and AERIES accounts. Students will learn the importance of checking their student email and AERIES for school success.

    - 7th Grade:  September 1, 8, 13

    - 8th Grade:  September 20, 23, 29


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  • Golden West is welcoming 7th and 8th grade students to apply to be a Mustang Mentor. Mustang Mentors are helping students who help welcome new Mustangs and build connections with their fellow students. Students are invited to submit an application sent to their student email or through their Google Counseling Classroom.


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