• Our Mission Statement

    Scandia Elementary is committed to providing a comprehensive educational program in a safe learning environment. 

    Our mission is to have all students know, understand, and be able to demonstrate proficiency of the grade level standards set forth by the State of California and adopted by Travis Unified School District. 

    The school strives to enhance children's self-esteem, promote cooperation among the children and adults, and build conflict resolution skills.

    Vision Statement

    Scandia  Elementary School exemplifies a community of learners where staff and parents continue to learn along with our students. 

    As a staff, we strive for a positive learning environment with teamwork as a foundational tenant. With student demographics reflecting nearly 100% military students, Scandia Elementary school strives to support students and families through the transition process socially, emotionally, and academically. 

    Smiling faces and supportive comments are the norm with students. Staff and parents interact with each other with respect, and work together as a team to help children achieve success.