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Ms. Hopfer and Mrs. Greenway


This yearlong elective is designed to build leadership skills while supporting and promoting a positive school environment for all students.  Students will plan, manage, run, and evaluate a whole host projects and activities, such as dances, spirit days, rallies, fundraising and more!  Get ready to work hard, learn a lot, and have fun!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ms. Hopfer

Mrs. Greenway 

Leadership Assignments During School Closure Listed Below




Week of May 15th

Final Leadership Assignment

Leadership & Me A-Z

Over the course of this school year, we have learned a great deal in Leadership.  Hopefully, you have also learned a lot about yourself, both as a person and a leader, too.  To reflect on your growth, your final Leadership assignment will be as follows:


Create a Leadership & Me Alphabet.  Think critically about all that you have learned about yourself and leadership and give a word/phrase that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Then write about why that word/phrase is important in leadership and give an example of when you learned/used it.  Please include a picture/clipart/illustration for each letter.



You have complete creativity in how you present this assignment.  It could be in the form a book, a PowerPoint or Prezi, a video, in a song (on video), a poster, etc.  If you have an idea that you think would be cool, but you are not sure, just shoot me and email and let me know what you are thinking.  You guys always have the best ideas!


You have two weeks to compete this assignment, so be thoughtful and complete.  It is due on May 29th.  You can email it or share with me on Office 365.  Really put some thought and effort into this. This is your FINAL assignment and should be treated as such.  Be CREATIVE, and remember, this is all about YOU and how much YOU have learned/grown in Leadership this year.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!




Leaders have to be adaptable.  Nothing every goes exactly the way we plan, so being adaptable is necessary.  When I worked on our first Spirit Week Committee, we had planned to use the quad area for our activity.  However, when we got to school that day, it was so windy we knew that our cup-stacking activity wouldn’t work.  The wind would blow away all of the cups.  So working together, we relocated to inside the gym on the stage.  It worked well, but we also had to find ways to let people know where we were at the last minute.  Being adaptable is one very important skill I am learning.

(add a picture/illustration/clipart)

B - Break down your activity properly and completely. 

Because in Leadership we use common areas belonging to everyone at Golden West, and because we want to be able to use some of our supplies over and over, it is super important to take the extra step and break down any activity or its set up properly and completely.  Too many times Mrs. Greenway and Ms. Hopfer had to tell us about clean up and putting our stuff away.  For example, when we have tables/activities set up during lunch, it is the responsibility of anyone working 5th period lunch to put everything away so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen and we know where to find it when we want to use it again.

(add a picture/illustration/clipart)


Week of May 11th



Here is your chance to show your appreciation for our local healthcare providers.  This week’s assignment is to create an original thank you card.  Use your creativity to make your own beautiful card for the dedicated and important work that all of our healthcare workers are doing right now to help our community recover from the COVID-19 outbreak.  Be sure to include a message inside saying why you are thankful for their efforts. 


There is no need to include your own name on the card. Simply sign the card “Golden West Middle School Student.”  However, be sure to include your name in the email, so we can give you credit.


Send a photo or file of your thank you card via email to complete this week’s assignment.


If you would like to have your card actually delivered to one of our local hospitals, you are welcome to drop off your card off at either the Vacaville or Fairfield Staples location, Monday through Saturday during store hours through Saturday, May 16th.


Let's work together to show our appreciation for these local heroes!


Week of May 4th

To all our Leadership peeps...WE MISS YOUR FACES!!!

So this week we're giving you an assignment so we can see you in action. This week's work will be like making videos on SnapChat, but instead of posting them, you are sending them to us. Your goal is to keep each day's video at 10 seconds. That's right, just 10 seconds, so these will have to be THOUGHTFUL and will require some actual PLANNING. (don't just try to wing it) Let's see what you can come up with...
Monday - Talents - show us your greatest talent(s)
Tuesday- Gratitude - show us what you are truly thankful for
Wednesday - Goals - show us what you are striving for
Thursday - Challenges - show us what you are struggling with
Friday - <3 - show yourself some love or tell us what you love about yourself
Remember, each video must be 10 longer!


Week of April 27th

For this week’s assignment, you get to choose the movie you think has something to say about leadership.  Watch that movie and answer the following questions.  Be thoughtful and complete in your movie choice and responses.  We look forward to you see which movie you choose and what you have to say about it!

  1.  Write a short one-paragraph summary of the movie you chose.  Be sure to include the full title.
  2. Why did you chose this movie?
  3. Describe the characters(s) you think showed effective leadership.
  4. Which characters showed respect, honor, and trust for others? Who didn’t?  What does this have to do with leadership?
  5. Who demonstrated empathy for others? Who didn’t?  What does this have to do with leadership?
  6. What did you notice about how characters communicated with one another?  Which characters were most successful in getting what they wanted?  Why?
  7. What does this movie tell us about effective leadership?

Week of April 18th

Hope you enjoyed last week (with no homework)!
This week's assignment is based on the show Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist...if you haven't seen it, it's pretty funny and characters are CONSTANTLY breaking out into song and dance! PICTURE that in your head as you go through each of these writing assignments.

Monday - If we WERE to return to school this school year (I know, I's fake news...we're NOT), after the pandemic has slowed, what song should be playing as EVERYONE walks on campus? Explain
Tuesday - Now, let's consider the first day both of our Leadership groups can meet in the Red Room again (I know...more fake news...not gonna happen). What song is playing as Greenway & Hopfer enter the room together with everyone sitting there?? Explain
Wednesday - What is YOUR theme song?? As you walk into every class or walk out and about on campus, what's playing? Explain
Thursday - The Struggle Is Real! What is playing in your head getting YOU through the pandemic struggle right now? What song encourages you/gives you hope?? Explain
Friday - Let's imagine the END of that first day back, or first week back in school...what song do you see carrying you home? Explain
Have FUN with this..and keep on SINGING (or dancing)!! = )

Week of March 30th

Big Hero 6 - Who’s a LEADER? 

This week, your assignment will revolve around the movie Big Hero 6.  There are several streaming platforms that have this movie available for FREE right now, but if you are NOT able to watch this movie, please let me know so I can give you an alternate assignment.  

You should be watching for, and making note of any time you see a character demonstrate a leadership skill.  List the characters, and what leadership skills you see in each of them.  How did each one of them “rise above” and distinguish themselves as a leader?    If you feel something is important…jot it down.  Your notes do NOT have to be in complete sentences.  The notes will be a part of your journal grade this quarter, so yes, you DO have to take them.  This should be an entry on the Daily side of your journal. 

Once you have finished the movie, the following questions should be answered in your journal (reflection side) OR can be typed and emailed to/shared with me. 

-What leadership characteristics or behaviors play a CENTRAL role in this movie? 

-Which character’s leadership style do you relate most to?  Explain. 

-Have you ever faced a dilemma similar to those of the characters in the movie?  If so, WHAT and WHEN, and HOW did you deal with it? 

You do not have to answer these questions in order, but all of the information to answer them should be contained in your writing.  Answer honestly and thoroughly.  Should be at least one page.   

I would LOVE to see what you wrote for the daily assignments last week! If you have the ability to share them via email or send me a picture via Remind, that would be AWESOME! 
Hope everyone is HEALTHY and HAPPY....remember, Positive Vibes Only!
= )

Week of March 23rd - Daily Themed Prompts

There's a quote that says, "Look for something POSITIVE in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder."  In this time away, we want to continue to keep you thinking in a positive light, so this week we have put together a set of daily writing prompts.  We aren't asking you to go overboard, but we also don't want you to feel limited...more than 3-4 sentences, but not 3 pages...write what you FEEL like writing in response to each of the following prompts.

OTHERS MATTER Monday - What is something you can do right now to help others in need? Who are those people, and what can you do to help them?

TRIANGLE Tuesday - Draw a triangle, and then turn it in to something else...tell us about what you have created.

WAY BACK Wednesday - If you could be a dinosaur...

THUMBS UP Thursday - What is on GOOD thing that happened to you this week?

FREAKY Friday - If you could TRADE LIVES with one person for a day, who would that person be? Why?

These should be written in the DAILY side of your journal, with a new entry each day.
Oh, and several people have asked about service hours.  We are putting service hours ON HOLD for this quarter.  But DON'T lose your service hour logs!  We will figure out how to continue them when we return.  In the meantime, keep your heads up...:)