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    Welcome to our Volunteer page. We are happy that you are considering offering your volunteer services to assist our students. With the support of volunteers the opportunity to meet the individual needs of each child is greatly increased.
    What's the difference between visitors and volunteers??

    Visitors are spending a minimal (up to 30 mins) approved time by your student’s teacher or Center’s Principal with their student only in class or on a campus.  They unfortunately cannot help out the teacher with any work outside of assisting their own student.  They can NEVER be alone in the classroom or anywhere on campus without direct TUSD employee supervision.  This for your protection and more importantly the protection of your student.

    • Examples of visiting; Assemblies, Celebrations, or observing your student within the classroom or on campus but not inferring or requiring your student’s or your student’s teacher’s immediate attention during instruction time for minimal amount of time up to 30 mins.
    • Must inform teacher of visit ahead of time.

    Volunteers are parents or relatives that have completed the volunteer clearance process to safely assist teachers or PTA, etc. on Center’s campus or on TUSD approved field trips.  You must be cleared by our district system, CERVIS which does not share or utilize previous data from outside sources such as neighboring districts, or previous jobs that required background clearances.  Thankfully this process is really simple, can be done online or here at Center if needed.  Unfortunately there is no exceptions to this process; this is for the safety of the students.  This process can take up to a week so please plan accordingly for helping out in the classrooms, fieldtrips, etc.

    • Examples of volunteering; LEVEL 1 – Helping on Center’s campus with direct and constant supervision of a TUSD employee. Which includes helping the teacher with classwork or student’s in class, or working in any area of our campus with school equipment.  LEVEL 2 (requires fingerprinting*) – Helping out in classrooms where you will be or might be alone with students; exp. Walking students up and down halls to and from classrooms for picture day, etc. or having a group of students for chaperoning during fieldtrips.

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