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Mr. Wren

The most efficient way to reach Mr. Wren is  Please contact me if you have any trouble at all with any assignments.  Remember, all assignments are designed to be completed in class and during class.  Students who are missing assignments and deadlines are most likely not taking advantage of class time.  

Literacy:  A literate person can read both words and ideas.  A literate person can read the world.  I believe my responsibility, as an English teacher, is not to tell your son or daughter what to think or what I think, but instead to encourage a thinking process that will allow all students to problem solve and arrive at logical conclusions.  I grade on the process and not the outcome which means I do not grade students on their ability to come to the same conclusions as I do on any topic.  In fact, they may not know my positions at all on a wide variety of issues.  Instead, I focus on how students argue, how they analyze, and how they communicate their original ideas in writing and, when given the opportunity, in oral argument.  All students, all viewpoints, all dispositions, all starting places, are welcome in class.