English Learners

  • FAQ’s About English Learner Services

    in Travis Unified School District


    • What does being an “English Learner” mean? Students who speak a language other than English are English Learners and frequently are bilingual.  Being bilingual is an important skill for people looking for jobs after high school and college.


    • What if my student was an English Learner in the previous district? A student who was an English Learner (EL) in a previous district remains an EL in the new district.  EL status can’t be changed from district to district and can only be changed by reclassifying an EL student as “English proficient.”  Reclassification is based on the EL student’s score on the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC).


    • What services does an English Learner student receive in Travis USD? EL students in grades kindergarten – 6th grade receive 30 minutes per day of English Language Development (ELD).  This ELD is designed to accelerate English Language achievement while supporting classroom instruction.  EL students at the middle and high schools receive 1 to 2 periods of ELD instruction per day.  Accelerating English achievement for 7th-12th grade students is even more important because they have less time to catch up before graduation.


    • What is the ELPAC? English learners new to California schools are assessed with the Initial ELPAC within 30 days of enrollment. The Summative ELPAC is the State’s test for ELs not new to California and is administered in the Spring.  Both tests help us determine how much language support the student needs and whether the student is ready for “reclassification,” the process for exiting from English learner status.


    • What curriculum is used for ELD in Travis USD? Elementary schools use Reach, a National Geographic program.  They also use a computer program called Imagine Learning EnglishOur middle school uses Inside, a National Geographic program, and English 3D, a Scholastic program.  Edge, also from National Geographic, is used at the high school.  Students love the instructional programs from National Geographic.  They are beautifully illustrated and students make connections to the stories because they can relate to them.

California English Language Development Test/English Language Proficiency Assessments for California

  • California's new English language assessment, ELPAC, will be fully implemented in 2018-19   For English learner students who are new to California schools, the Initial ELPAC is administered within the first 30 days of enrollment.  Test results provide us with information about the levels of language support a student needs to be successful in school.  For English learner students who are not new to California schools, the Summative ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessments for California) is administered. The ELPAC is administered in the spring, typically February through May of the current school year.  ELPAC test results assist us in providing English learner students with appropriate language support the following school year.  The Initial and Summative ELPAC test students in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  A copy of test results is mailed to parents along with descriptions of Travis USD's English Language Development program.  

English Learner Services in Travis Unified School District

  • English Learner students receive ELD (English Language Development) and SDAIE (specially designed academic instruction in English) so that they may become proficient in English.  Curriculum includes ELD curriculum for Wonders at the elementary level.  This curriculum is supplemented with Reach from National Geographic and Imagine Learning English at all elementary school sites.  At the secondary level, curriculum includes Prentice Hall Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes supplemented with Hampton Brown Highpoint, National Geographic's Inside and Edge, and Scholastic's English 3D.
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Master Plan for English Learners

  • Travis Unified School District's Master Plan for English Learners serves as a guide to the specific procedures our district uses in regards to English Learners.  The Plan includes procedures for identifying, assessing, instructing, reclassifying, and monitoring the academic progress for all English Learners.  Also included are English Learner services and resources, program staffing requirements, staff development plans, and the rights of parents and students.
    For more information about Travis USD's Master Plan, please contact Connie Green at (707) 437-4604, extension 1202.