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Bachelor of Arts, History Credential, Multiple Subjects Supplemental, Social Science Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Castro

Important Notice: This has been updated April 6th
Travis has announced we will be out until the end of the school year. 
I don't' know about you but I am very sad at the turn of events.  I miss you all very much and am sad we will not have closure this year. We are living in unprecedented times and you are a part of it. You will remember this your entire life. This is history that you are living. 
Since this situation has never happened before we do not have a whole lot of answers in regards to grading, textbook collection, and several other issues that concern you.  We must continue to have patience.  
At this time I can tell you Travis Unified School District has gone to a Pass/Fail grading system.
What does this mean for you? 
1) The Grade book for 3rd quarter will stand in Aeries.  
2) Anything you have done since March 17th will add to your grade not detract .
3) All work assigned on my website is considered enrichment and is recommenced you do, but not mandatory.  In other words it will not affect your grade, unless you are in the D or F range.  
4) For my students in the D or F range: please do the enrichment work and turn in to me so you may bring your grades to a passing mark.
How do you show me work completed? 
Your health and wellness is the MOST important thing to me. So if you have been working and wish to show me what your have completed, you may do any of the optional choices below.
1) Instagram-I have a teacher account: goldenwestcastro ( I am in my Halloween costume in front of the map)
I will friend you and you can post pictures of your work or send me a story or however you want to show my your work via instagram
2) You can send me a video on my school e mail account and show me the work you have completed
3) You can send me pictures of your work, but I do not want one assignment per page. Send me several assignments per page. 
If you have any questions I am here for you.  Stay healthy, I am thinking about you.