Travis Unified School District

Reaching beyond the boundaries to build a community of learners

District Information
Travis Unified School District is located adjacent to and serves Travis Air Force Base, portions of the cities of Vacaville and Fairfield, and portions of unincorporated Solano County.  Approximately 5,500 students attend school in our district.
The district includes five elementary schools, two of which are located within the perimeter of Travis Air Force Base.  Another is located in Fairfield right outside the base, and the other two are located in the south portion of Vacaville.  In addition, we have a middle school, comprehensive high school, alternative high school, and a community day school all of which are located on the same block adjacent to the district office.

Travis Unified School District was formed in 1962 to provide convenient, quality education for the children of local farmers and Travis Air Force Base personnel.  The district absorbed several small elementary school districts and has built a high-performing K-12 system.
Travis Unified School District is located in a prime spot between skiing at Tahoe, San Francisco, beaches, and the Napa Valley.
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Each year our district publishes a District Accountability Report Card with information similar to what is found on School Accountability Report Cards.  It includes general information about our district, information about staff, a summary of test results, and federal Adequate Yearly Progress information.
Secondary Schools share the District Boundaries
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