• Mission: Our responsibility is to provide rigorous, challenging alternative learning opportunities that support student success in meeting or exceeding state and district standards and attaining their personal goals.

    Vision: Travis Education Center High School is a safe and healthy learning community, preparing students to be responsible, productive citizens who meet today’s challenges while striving for excellence.


    Travis Education Center – Expected School wide Learning Results

    Independent Thinkers who…Accept responsibility for their actions; Work diligently through stressful situations; Prioritize and organize their leisure and challenges; Set goals and fulfill plans for the future

         Cooperative Learners and Workers who…Understand the roles of group interaction and work effectively; Work responsibly, respectfully and empathetically with others; Lead the group or follow directions; Are punctual and dependable

           Academically Prepared Students who…Use technology creatively and effectively; Meet or exceed state and local academic standards; Access and use information; Demonstrate competency in all areas of curriculum

              Responsible Citizens who…Are knowledgeable in current events and responsive to global issues; Effectively manage and understand the value of money; Positively contribute to society; Enter the job force prepared for success

                Effective Communicators who…Read, comprehend and write effectively; Listen and discuss issues fluently; Solve problems creatively; Speak confidently and proficiently in public