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    W E L C O M E   B A C K
    T R A V I S  U N I F I E D


    To the Travis Unified School District Community,

    Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! The last couple of years have been challenging for all of us as we continue to navigate what so many are now referring to as “our new normal.” Whatever that may look like for you, our “normal” in Travis Unified School District (TUSD) will be to continue to offer our students and staff the best learning and working environments possible.

    In an effort to continue providing our students with the very best opportunities for success, we will implement new strategies such as a renewed focus on college entrance requirement completion and enhance other strategies that we know to be successful, including expanding our WIN (Whatever I Need) support program at our elementary schools with an emphasis on early reading, intermediate math, and English Language Development training and coaching.

    In addition, the TUSD Governing Board approved new courses, subjects, and text adoptions that our students will benefit from starting this year and moving forward. New courses include Ethnic Studies, guidance classes, financial literacy, Marketing, guitar, World Geography, and art. We are so appreciative of the Equity Action Team (comprised of staff, parents, and students) who met throughout the year to create the District’s Equity Statement. This statement was adopted by the Governing Board and will serve to guide our decision-making for years to come.

    This year, our staff will benefit from professional development in the areas of math, English Language Development, equity, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, social emotional learning strategies, and safety measures to name a few. We will also be implementing Parent University which will provide opportunities for our parents to be educated and informed on a variety of topics (e.g. accessing college and other post-secondary options; supporting children with behavioral or emotional challenges; math and STEM nights).

    To better serve our students and families, we have added support personnel such as Student Support Specialists, Instructional Aides, Social Worker interns, Teachers on Special Assignments, and Assistant Principals.

    In addition to great services and programs, we believe that safe and up-to-date classrooms are key to supporting a high-quality education. However, many District schools are over 50 years old and in need of repairs and updates. Replacements and upgrades to aging plumbing, electrical, lighting, heating and air conditioning systems are needed.

    While some facility improvements are in progress, including door replacements, resurfacing of uneven blacktops, the installation of new play equipment at Scandia Elementary, replacement of filters, etc., older classrooms and labs require updated wiring and technology infrastructure to help preserve performance standards and keep educational facilities up to date. New portables and fencing at Cambridge and Foxboro Elementary Schools will also be installed this year to accommodate the expansion of programs. These improvements will support core academics including math, science, technology, engineering, reading, and writing and prepare students to compete for 21st century careers.

    The safety of our school community and the mental and physical well-being of our students and staff continues to be a top priority in Travis Unified. Below is summary of the measures we are taking for this school year:

    Comprehensive safety plans: developed with educational partners at each school site

    Regular emergency drills: including fire, earthquake, and active shooter

    Protocols and procedures: for all visitors to our campuses, including requirements to report to the office and wear a visitor badge

    Facility enhancements: including some door and/or lock replacements; new fences at Cambridge and Foxboro Elementary Schools

    Security assessments: at all sites; conducted by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (a division of Homeland Security)

    School Resource Officer: assigned to assist our staff and responds for service at our schools

    Partnership with local law enforcement and fire protection services: collaboration with Fairfield and Vacaville Police Departments; Travis Air Force Base Security Forces; and Fairfield and Vacaville Fire Departments

    Mental Health resources: see our website for a plethora of resources including CareSolace to assist students, staff, and families

    Safety Month: more information to follow about our District-wide focus on safety precautions and skills

    Parent University: learning opportunities for parents related to cybersafety of children

    School Improvement Bond Measure:  To address our facilities needs and enhance school safety, the Governing Board is considering placing a $64 million school improvement bond measure on the November 2022 ballot. If approved, a measure would cost property owners approximately 6 cents per each $100 of assessed value (not market value) of their property while bonds are outstanding.  If approved, funds would only be used on the capital projects listed in the measure, and no funds may be used by the State or for administrator salaries and pensions.

    Our staff is committed to creating healthy schools where students feel cared for and connected. We will continue to collaborate with our families to develop relationships that support our students’ academic and mental health needs. We thank you for your continued cooperation and support as we all strive to make our communities safe.

    Additionally, we will maintain our focus to keep our community safe by continuing with our safety provisions including:

    • Directing staff and student to stay home when experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu
    • Masking recommendations
    • Encourage regular and frequent hand sanitization
    • Encourage all eligible to be vaccinated (and boosted if eligible) as soon as possible
    • Verified vaccination status of all staff
    • Regular testing of unvaccinated staff and student athletes
    • Comply with Center for Disease Control, California Department of Public Health, Solano Public Health and other guidances

    I thank you for your on-going support and collaboration in all our efforts. With your partnership, we can achieve great things! Please visit our District website for updated information and additional resources.

    I wish you and your family continued good health and here’s to a great school year!


    Pam Conklin