• Behavioral Expectations

     All of the specific school rules relate to these three behaviors. For more specific information, see the Parent/Student Handbook.
     All students are expected to... 

    ¨ Behave safely,respectfully and responsibly.

    ¨ Behave in a manner which allows teachers to teach and students to learn.

    ¨ Behave in a manner which does not interfere with their ability to learn and the ability ofothers to learn.

    ¨ Come to school with a positive attitude, ready to learn

    ¨Come to school with necessary materials to learn –including, books, homework, pencils, paper, etc

    Behavior Consequences/Suspension

    Our intention is that our school environment be a positive and successful one.  At some times and under some circumstances, it may become necessary to suspend a student from school.  According to Travis USD Board Policy, 5114(c), and California Education Code, 48900, students may be suspended from school. Again, see the Parent/Student Handbook for more specifics.