• On Tuesday Oct. 10th, our Governing Board decided to formally begin exploring options for our 6th grade students, including the option of moving our 6th graders to a program located on the Golden West campus. Our initial research and staff conversations have identified some areas of potential benefit and some challenges we would need to address as we move forward. 

    We are committed to a thoughtful, well-planned process that is grounded in community, family and staff input and is aligned with modern scholarship. 

    Here is what you can expect in the weeks ahead: 

    • Community meetings at each school site with a designated conversation about grade level reorganization. 

    • Here are a list of the dates of meetings at each school site. Please see your school’s website for more details about the below meetings: 


    • Cambridge: 10/17, 11/1 and 11/28 

    • Center: 10/24 and 11/14 

    • Foxboro: 10/17, 11/16 & 11/28  

    • Scandia: 10/17, 11/28 

    • Travis: 11/2, 11/28  

    • GW: 10/24 and 11/2 

    • VHS:10/23/23 and 11/17/23 

    • TEC: 10/23 and 11/1 8:00 


    • Student surveys for all students in 3rd – 12th grade gathering feedback on our school programs, school climate and student experience, including grade level reorganization; Survey text will be shared with families for review on Nov. 1st. If you would like to opt your child out of this survey, please contact your child’s principal by Nov. 7th 

    • Elementary Planning and LCAP Survey
    • Secondary Planning and LCAP Survey
    • Community surveys sent to all families for feedback on student programs and school climate, including questions regarding grade level reorganization. Surveys will be sent the week of Nov. 8th and remain open until Nov. 28th.  

    • Regular emails from site principals with updates and information regarding the grade level reorganization. 

    • Board updates presented publicly following initial feedback gathering. Information regarding the meeting will be posted here and on the TUSD website, under the Board tab. 


    We are committed to involving our whole community – students, families, and staff—in this process and to being transparent with the information we are receiving. If you have specific questions or concerns related to your child or family, please feel free to contact your child’s principal.