• Our school uses a house system to engage students and encourage active participation in our school and our community. 

    Every K-6 student is assigned to one of our 6 houses, modeled after the Ron Clark Academy system. 

    Students wear their house shirts or house colors on Thursdays when we have whole school house meetings. 

    The “houses” consist of students from all grades collaborating together for school activities. 

    Every student on campus can earn house points by demonstrating strong academics, compassion, a growth mindset, good character, school spirit or participating in community service and these points are displayed in our front lobby area on a big kiosk so that all students can see their house standings.

    Parents are invited to download the house app so that they can be alerted every time their child earns house points.

    All houses are run by 5th and 6th grade student leaders as well as Cambridge staff leaders to come up with ideas, activities and service projects to help our school and community.

    This is one way to ensure that our students have the opportunity to connect with cross-grade level students, as well as multiple caring adults in our school community. 

    We are six houses competing with each other to bring excellence to our Cambridge community!