• Mental Health Coordinators:


    There are 3 Mental Health Coordinators in the district; Katie Sawtelle, Tessa Searles, and Joyce Hodgman. We are a Tier 3 support for Special Education students. We provide 1-1 Individual Counseling and typically meet with students one time per week. Our focus in counseling is to support students with identifying feelings and behaviors that are getting in the way of their success at school. We also support students in learning coping strategies, so they are better able to manage their feelings and re-focus when they are in class. All students who have an IEP may be able to receive our services. If you have concerns about a Special Education student, you can reach out to their case manager. The referral process includes an IEP meeting and a Social-Emotional Assessment completed by the School Psychologist in order to determine if the student qualifies to add Individual Counseling as a related service to their IEP.  

Monica Padilla