• 2021-22 School Year FAQs:  Secondary Schools

    We have two essential priorities:

    • Protect the health and safety of your children and our staff
    • Provide full-day in-person instruction five days per week for all students

    We need your help to make this happen.  If we work together to implement health and safety measures, we can minimize any disruptions. 


    Calendar and Schedule

    Tell us about the daily schedule.

    We are returning to a full daily schedule of in-person learning, with morning instruction, lunch, and afternoon instruction.  Please check the website of your student’s school for school start and end times.

    What is the school calendar for 2021-22?

    The calendar for the 2021-22 school year may be found in the Parents section of our website and is linked here for your convenience.



    Will students need to wear masks at school?

    All adults and students must wear masks at all times when indoors as required by CDPH.  This includes parents and visitors.  There are no exceptions for vaccinated people because they may be carrying the virus and not know it because they have no symptoms, especially with the new Delta variant.

    When outdoors, students only need to wear their masks where people are crowded close together, such as when they are in crowded exterior hallways.  When they are spread out, they may remove their masks.  We will encourage students to spread out when they are unmasked.  Students will also always have the choice to keep their masks on.

    My child gets tired of wearing a mask.

    Sometimes we do, too.  We want people to be as comfortable as possible.  Both students and staff are welcome to take mask breaks at any time by stepping outside the classroom into the open air.  If more than one person is taking a mask break, we will ask them to stand with some distance between them.

    What if my student loses their mask, or it becomes soiled?

    We have plenty of disposable masks and can give one to anyone who needs one.

    How long will masks be needed?

    We wish we had an answer for you.  We will continue to follow the CDPH guidance on masking as updates are provided.  Their guidance depends on the level of community transmission of the virus, and as more people are vaccinated and the spread of the virus slows, we could see changes to masking requirements.

    Do students need to wear masks to PE?

    Students need to wear their masks indoors, including in the locker room.  They will go outside with their masks on for roll, then when the PE actitivy starts, they may remove their masks.  Students may also continue to wear their masks in PE if they prefer.

    What if the guidance changes?

    Please note that if guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) changes, we may need to make changes to what is outlined here.  If that happens, we will let you know.



    We read that wearing masks and improving ventilation are the two most important measures to prevent the spread of the virus.  What are you doing about ventilation?

    The HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) systems in our schools are equipped with MERV-13 filters which catch virus-sized particles.  They are changed regularly according to recommendations.  There are stand-alone air filtration systems in any spaces not served by the MERV-13 filtered systems.  We also encourage teachers to open doors and windows when the temperature outside is comfortable.


    Wellness Checks

    When do I need to keep my child at home?

    Please help everyone stay healthy by keeping students at home if they have any of the symptoms listed below.  Although these symptoms are often caused by the common cold or other minor illnesses, it is important for students who are ill to stay home.  Call your school’s attendance clerk if you believe your student may have COVID so that we can take precautions to protect the health of others.  We will protect the privacy of those diagnosed with COVID as we take measures to prevent spread. 

    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body aches
    • Headache
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea


    What processes will you follow if there is a COVID case at school?

    Once we are notified that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID, contact tracing will begin.  The school (administration, nurse) will identify others the person with COVID has been in contact with and notify families.



    Is lunch being served this year?

    Yes, and we have some very good news to share.  Both breakfast and lunch are available at no charge for all students this year, without any income qualifications.  We encourage all families to take advantage of this convenience, which should make getting out of the house in the morning a little bit easier.  Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch.

    Breakfast and lunch menus are posted, and you will notice that these menus reflect feedback received by the Food Services Department.  On Wednesday, August 11, the first day of school, breakfast is a fresh baked blueberry muffin.  Secondary students may choose from a masked potato bowl, BBQ rib sandwich, pepperoni/meat lovers or cheese pizza, and from sides including fresh fruit, garden salad, pinto beans, and tomatoes.  Meals come with a choice of nonfat chocolate milk and 1% white milk.  Serving times for breakfast will be posted on your school’s website.

    Students will go through the line, select their lunch, and go outside to eat in designated areas.  Students need to take their masks off to eat, and that is most safely done outside.  When the weather prevents eating outside, we will make adjustments so that students are not too close together when eating indoors.  We need to avoid crowding when students are unmasked.


    Physical Education

    Can students use equipment in PE this year?

    Yes.  Regular PE equipment may be used.  Teachers will encourage students to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after using shared equipment. 



    How will classrooms be arranged now that full classes are back?

    In the spring, we had plexiglass barriers on desks, and those will remain.  We will keep some space between students, but the six-foot distancing is no longer required. 

    What about hand hygiene?  That’s still important.

    All sinks are stocked with soap and paper towels, and hand sanitizer stations are available in many locations at school.  All teachers also have small pump containers of hand sanitizer for convenient use.

    What about cleaning?

    Regular cleaning of classrooms, shared spaces, and restrooms will continue, and we are prepared to provide special disinfection if we have a positive COVID case.



    Will the buses be running this year?

    Buses will resume normal operations.  Bus passes may be purchased through the link on the Transportation Department website where you will also find information about bus fees and routes. 

    Families qualifying as low income are eligible for free transportation.  Families had the opportunity to fill out an income survey as part of data confirmation.  If you believe you may qualify for free transportation but did not fill out the survey as part of data confirmation, you can provide that information in the Titan Parent Portal.  Follow the directions under Bus Fees for information about what to attach to your application if you qualify for a free bus pass.



    Can all regular school activities resume?

    We can resume nearly all regular activities.  Some activities need some modification to be done safely.


    Independent Study

    My children have some health conditions that put them at risk and I’m not comfortable sending them to school.  What should I do?

    Information about our independent study program and the registration form are available on the Independent Study Program website.  The website includes staff contact information if you have questions about the program.  There is also an FAQ sheet for elementary independent study.

    We want to be sure families understand this program is not the same as the teacher-directed distance learning we provided last year.  Independent Study is truly independent study:  your child gets assignments from the teacher and works on them at home.



    I still have a few questions and want to know some things that are specific to my student’s school.

    Please watch for information being sent out by your student’s school.  You are also welcome to call the school office for information.