• Clipart of a Fox    We are excited to have you join our Foxboro family and welcome to our Virtual Kindergarten Enrollment Event 2021-22!


     Our principals Mrs. Chizauskie and Ms. Andrews welcome you to Foxboro!


    Meet Foxboro's Principals


    Meet our Foxboro office staff:  Mrs. Michele Berry and Mrs. Cindy Koyle, 


     Foxboro Office Staff



    Mrs. Staci Cope is our Foxboro nurse and is available to answer your medical questions. 

    Mrs. Staci Cope Foxboro Nurse



    It is easy to enroll your kindergartener by following the directions in the video clips provided.  If you have more questions, the Enrollment section under the Parent tab has more information for all families enrolling for the first time.  


    1. Complete the online registration at the following link: https://aeries.travisusd.org/air/

    Enrollment Video Clip:



     Parents start enrollment process


    2.  Immunizations must be complete before school begins


    Families line up to enroll their kindergarten student at Foxboro Elementary  Parent visits one of the enrollment stations



    3.   Part of enrollment is creating the parent portal.  The instruction and codes to create the portal will be mailed to you in July 2021.   

    The portal allows you to view your child's information, communicate with the teacher, district policies, and other seasonal information is provided in the portal.  

    You will be asked to update your information every year.   Please go to the parent tab on the Foxboro website and go to Parent Portal for more information.  


    Mrs. Cope:  Foxboro Nurse


    Please call us if you have any questions at (707) 447-7883 or email Forboro office staff. 

    Cindy Koyle at ckoyle@travisusd.org 

    Michele Berry at mberry@travisusd.org

    Foxboro Lunch Team on Rainy Day

    You did it!  We will be updating the website with more information in the months ahead.  

    We hope to see you soon!

    Photo is the Foxboro lunch team serving lunch to families 2021