• SB 98, the 2020-21 school funding bill, established a requirement for districts to develop a Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan, abbreviated LCP.  The plan needs to include the following information:

    • addressing gaps in learning
    • conducting meaningful stakeholder engagement
    • maintaining transparency
    • addressing the needs of unduplicated pupils (English learners, low income students, foster children), students with unique needs, and students experiencing homelessness
    • providing access to necessary devices and connectivity for distance learning
    • providing resources and supports to address student and staff mental health and socio-emotional well-being
    • continuing to provide school meals for students

    On August 5, we reviewed the plan with the Superintendent's Parent Advisory Group, the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), and our CSEA and TUTA bargaining units.  On August 11, we held a Public Hearing at our Board meeting, and on September 8, the plan was adopted by the Board.

    2020-21 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan accessible screen reader version

    2020-21 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan graphic version