• Good Afternoon Travis Unified!

    If you were issued a district laptop, some may begin to display a “Your Windows license will expire soon message”, which means the laptop needs to check in with the district network.  Within a week of the message appearing, please do the following:

    1.      Make sure the laptop is fully charged.

    2.      Go to any of our schools and park anywhere indicated in yellow on these maps (Center can go to Vanden). Our WIFI extends to those areas, and you do not need to get out of your car. If you do need to leave your car, please remember to put on a mask.  Masks are required on all district campuses.  The WIFI is on all the time, so you can come in the evening or any time that is convenient.

    3.       Turn on the laptop, and log in.

    4.       Your laptop should automatically connect to the TUSD-WIFI network. If it does not, manually connect to the TUSD-WIFI network using your student credentials.

    5.       Verify you are connected by opening up the Chrome browser on your computer.

    6.       When you see your home screen, restart your device.

    7.       Login again on your computer to verify the message is gone.

    8.       You are now done, and will not need to repeat this process this year.