• 2020-2021 School Reopening Plans

    On March 9, the Travis Unified Governing Board made the decision to return all students choosing hybrid instruction to in-person learning in a 25% Hybrid Learning Model on Friday, March 26. This allows every student to receive in-person instruction on campus one day prior to the Spring Break.

    All students who have chosen hybrid instruction will be placed in a cohort that will determine what day(s) they will participate in in-person learning: Cohort A (Monday), B (Tuesday), C (Thursday), or D (Friday).

    So that all students in hybrid can attend in-person instruction equally prior to moving to the 50% model, we will welcome cohorts back to campus on the following dates:

    • Cohort D - Friday, March 26
    • Cohort A - Monday, March 29
    • Cohort B – Tuesday, March 30
    • Cohort C – Thursday, April 1

    Those students who have chosen to remain in distance learning will continue receiving instruction from home.

    Spring Break will take place Friday, April 2 through April 9. Students will return from Spring Break (April 12) and those who have chosen hybrid will receive instruction 2 days per week (50%) along with their cohorts: Cohorts A and B (Monday and Tuesday); Cohorts C and D (Thursday and Friday). All students will participate in distance learning on Wednesdays.

    Families will receive their child’s cohort assignment by Friday, March 19, along with drop-off information, bell schedules, etc.

    We appreciate all of the input provided by families and staff throughout this process and are very much looking forward to welcoming our students to campuses.

    To view the presentation provided to the Board, click here.

  • Please continue to check back for updates!