Independent Study Options in Travis Unified

    • High school (grades 9-12) Cyber High online learning program
    • Elementary and middle school (grades K-8) independent study/homeschooling support program

    Please see the links at the left for details about the two programs.  

    What is independent study?
    Independent study moves learning from the classroom to the home environment, supplemented with experiences in the community.  At the high school level, students use Cyber High online courses to complete high school graduation requirements and electives.  The flexible schedule also allows students to take classes at Solano Community College while still in high school, or to experience the world of work.  High school students have a counselor to help plan their courses to prepare for future goals after graduation.  They also have a teacher to provide help, review completed assignments, and to assign grades and credit.  They meet with their teacher periodically to review progress and plan next steps.

    At the K-8 level, students need more parent involvement, so independent study becomes a homeschooling program, supported by district curriculum resources and an Advisory Teacher who helps help parents with planning the year and daily lessons.  The Advisory Teacher will provide families with the same curriculum and learning materials used in classrooms.  Advisory Teachers will work with families to develop a personalized learning plan for each child that meets California State Standards and takes into account individual student strengths, needs, and interests.  

    Additionally, as restrictions on gatherings are lifted, K-8 Advisory Teachers will work with families to plan optional extension and enrichment activities, including classes, field trips, and opportunities for social interaction and physical activity.  Advisory teachers will provide workshops on instructional strategies for reading, math, and other subject areas.  Enrichment classes may include music, art, coding and robotics, Spanish, science labs, video production, and other areas where students have interest.

    Independent study is a public school program available at no charge to families.

    Have questions?
    For questions, please contact Matt Smith, Director of Student Services at msmith@travisusd.org.

    To enroll, pleasfill out this form: Registration Form for Independent Study School

    Families need to enroll by July 31 to guarantee a place in independent study.  After that date, students may be placed on a waitlist.

    Families living outside the Travis Unified School District need to apply for an interdistrict attendance agreement before registering for this program.

    Is homeschooling right for my child and family?

    • Is there an adult at home to be the child’s teacher?
    • Is the family committed to the time and energy needed for homeschooling?
    • Does your gifted child want to move through curriculum more rapidly and explore subjects in more depth?
    • Does your child excel in a sport, music, dance, or other activity that requires being away from school?
    • Does your child have reading skills at or near grade level to be able to access written curriculum?
    • Would your child learn better focusing on only 2-3 subjects at a time?
    • Is your child interested in taking community college classes while in high school without the constraints of the high school schedule?
    • Does your child have health issues or struggle with anxiety or other social-emotional concerns?
    • Would your child benefit from the flexibility of being able to move through some subjects quickly while taking more time with other subjects?


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