• 2022 Fillable Class Drop Form


    Vanden High School has a student driven master schedule. Course sections are created based off student request. It is important that students make
    careful decisions based on graduation requirements and college/career goals. Students will meet individually with their counselors in the second
    semester to select core classes, electives and alternatives to meet college/career goals.


    The first week of school is the only week a student can request a schedule change. Students must complete a schedule change form (based on the
    reasons listed below) and turn the form into the counseling office by Monday, August 15, 2022 . For any academic course change to take place,
    counselors will consult course selection forms, teacher recommendations, and course prerequisites. Schedule change requests that do not meet criteria
    below will not be processed. Acceptable schedule change requests will be made if master schedule allows, these changes are not guaranteed.

    Acceptable schedule change requests:

    1. Student needs to change a class to meet a high school graduation requirement or to meet a college eligibility requirement.
    2. Student has been scheduled into the wrong level of a class (this does not include AP/Honors courses that a student requested and signed a
    contract for).
    3. Student has been scheduled into a class they did not request.
    4. Student is missing a class/period or schedule error.

    Unacceptable schedule change requests:

    • Requests for a different teacher.
    • Change of class period based on preference.
    • Request for an elective change (unless error or seat availability issue).
    • AP and Honors courses may not be changed per AP/Honors contract.


    If a request is made after Monday, August 15, 2022, parents and students will be directed to contact the classroom teacher to resolve any
    problems/concerns and to discuss strategies for success. Parents can call the counseling office to schedule a parent/teacher meeting. Administrative
    approval will be required in the rare case a change is warranted after one week. At spring semester, yearlong courses will only be dropped for
    extenuating circumstances with administrative approval.