Our goals are to promote a safe and positive learning environment. Apparel (clothing, jewelry, and accessories) that disrupts or distracts from the learning environment is not permitted. Guidelines:

    1. Student dress shall be safe and appropriate, and not disturb the educational environment.
    2. Footwear must be worn at all times. 
    3. Students must wear shirts at all times.
    4. Articles of clothing which display profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, weapons, any other questionable printing; slogans which promote tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or sex, or materially interfere with schoolwork, or create disorder, or disruption in the educational process, are not allowed.
    5. No revealing apparel. Any clothing that exposes undergarments is not allowed. Shirts and blouses must cover the stomach and chest. Apparel that is see-through, strapless, or backless may not be worn to school.
    6. Clothing must cover buttocks completely at all times.
    7. No “sagging” pants (pants must be secure at the waist) or “hanging” belts.
    8. Jewelry or chains which could distract the educational process or which could be a safety or health issue are not acceptable.  Spiked jewelry is not allowed.
    9. Apparel related to gangs is forbidden (see details below)
    10. Teachers may require students to remove hats, hood or sunglasses in the classroom.


    Gang Symbols/Clothing/Accessories

    Clothing, jewelry, accessories, symbols, hairstyles, hair bands, wristbands, lettering, colors, notebooks, drawings or other adornments which displays, promotes, advertises, suggests, supports or encourages membership in or affinity for gangs is prohibited. The “flashing” of colors is not allowed. Clothing, backpacks, shoes, laces, make-up and other adornment may not demonstrate or suggest gang-related symbols or colors.


    This policy shall be applied at the discretion of the administration. Because symbols of gang affiliation change, school officials will work with the Fairfield Police to update the definition and enforcement of gang-related items and colors.


    Consequences for not following the dress code are as followed:


    First Violation

    Second Violation

    Third Violation

    Dress Code Violation

    Change of clothes; warning

    Change of clothes; 1 day detention

    Change of clothes; Administrative Discretion


    Students are encouraged not to bring expensive jackets, clothing, or shoes to campus.  Vanden High School is not responsible for such articles.