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    Back to School T-Bird Tips!

    Welcome to TEC…here’s how to be a successful T-Bird:

    1. If you come into the main building, enter through the back door.
    2. If you are sent to the office, you must sign in with Ms. Montoya. Or risk getting marked absent.
    3. Get familiar with our Codes of Conduct, they are posted all around the school
    4. Place cell phones in caddies when you enter classes.
    5. All teachers are different and you’ll need to comply with their classroom expectations.
    6. Earn your productivity grade every day.  It’s an easy way to earn 20% for each credit you’re working on. Avoid behaviors that could cause you to lose points on your productivity grade (tardies, electronics, sleeping, profanity, disruptions)
    7. Use the bathroom during passing period or class breaks.  
    8. Drive slowly and safely in our parking lot.  Keep your music at a lower volume. Parking in our lot is a privilege. Drive safely on surrounding streets or staff will report you to the police.
    9. Attend school regularly – get all absences excused within two school days. Avoid truancy letters, SARB and truancy court.
    10. Sign in at the office if you are more than 10 minutes late to class.
    11. Stay off other school campuses before school, during school, and after school. You are NOT allowed on the Vanden campus. You may attend public events after school hours, like athletic events, etc.
    12. We DO NOT accept Door Dash or food order deliveries due to safety. Family members are able to drop off lunches or forgotten items in our front office.
    13. We are a closed campus.  You cannot leave without permission from office staff.  Once you’re on campus in the morning, you are expected to stay on campus until the end of the day.
    14. Stay in supervised areas and avoid “out of bounds” areas. You are out of bounds in the parking lot, behind the portables, behind TEC, and on the south side of TEC.
    15. Stay off the platform during breaks and lunch.
    16. Get a “hall pass” to be out of class.
    17. Dress appropriate for school. See Dress Code. We will enforce it at TEC.  Ms. Montoya can provide you with a zip-tie if you need one.  Don’t advertise profanity, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on your clothing.
    18. Respect the Bathrooms – take care of them or they will be locked for single use only.
    19. Vaping or smoking in the bathroom will also cause it to be locked and permission will have to asked to open
    20. If there is a reasonable suspicion of vape, drug, alcohol, smoke, or weapons the administrator or acting will search student and belongings.
    21. If you have a job or get a job, talk to Mrs. Stralla about earning credits.  You earn up to 20 credits just for working. 
    22. Work Permit applications are on the school website.  See Mrs. Tepley if you have questions about work permits. You have to be in good academic standing and have good attendance to get a work permit.
    23. TEC students can attend Winter Ball, Prom, and Senior Getaway with Vanden students.  See Mrs. Stralla if you’re interested.  In order to attend, you must meet Vanden’s Rule of 85.  This means that your attendance has to be at 85% or better.
    24. Our evacuation zone is on the side of TEC, in view of the bus yard.
    25. You have to earn a minimum number of credits each quarter to stay at TEC.  If you don’t earn the minimum, you will be placed on Academic Probation and risk of having an alternate placement.
    26. Student Handbook is on our website for your review at any time. You are expected to review them and follow them. 
    27. Learn the character traits and use them all day, every day.
    28. Work Hard!  Be Nice!  It’s the T-Bird Way!
    29. We’re a family here.  Let’s act like it!

    updated 6/9/23