• Please help the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) determine the priorities of our Facility Improvements by reviewing the information below and participating in the survey at the bottom.

    The quality of our facilities tells our students the importance they have in our community.

    The Purpose of the Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) is:

    • To provide input on the capital facilities needs at each school site
    • Examine site by site needs to develop an overall District-wide capital improvement project list
    • Facilities Planning is to Provide input to District staff regarding recommendations for facility funding 

    Capital Needs at Each School Site will include:

    • Identification of any modernization or safety needs at school sites or in classrooms, e.g., replace aging portable classrooms, install cameras or security fencing
    • Identification of school site & classroom improvement projects, e.g., reconfigure drop off areas for traffic flow, upgrade classrooms to be energy efficient
    • Determination of whether improvements are needed to meet educational program needs, e.g., improve stage area to enhance drama program, add technology backbone infrastructure to support modern curriculum

    To help us give the most accurate information possible, please complete the following survey by Monday, December 11th. Thank you for your help. 

    GW Staff Survey