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  • Hello 10H students! Here are your responsibilities and tasks to accomplish during our two weeks away…PLEASE READ CAREFULLY—all these materials will be due when you return:

    1. Do your vocabulary for Julius Caesar 1.1. How do I do this without the book? Numerous PDFs can easily be found online. You can even use Sparknotes, as they have the original and a No Fear version. Really, the only thing you should need the text for is the page number and, perhaps, to contextualize the quote. INSTEAD OF PAGE NUMBER: use the Act.Scene.Line citation format.
    2. Finish reading your I.R. book by the date of your return. You do NOT have to do the outline for your Flipgrid. We will have class time when you return.
    3. CHOOSE FOUR of the following seven speeches from the text Great American Speeches by African Americans to read and do companion work in conjunction with (you are, of course, free to read all of them and/or more of the text—but for our purposes, these speeches all use powerful rhetoric, which make for excellent analysis):
      1. “An Address to the Slaves of the United States of America” (Pages 1-7)
      2. “Ain’t I A Woman” (Pages 11-12)
      3. “A Deep and Cruel Prejudice” (Pages 35-42)
      4. “To the Nations of the World” (Pages 85-87)
      5. “This Awful Slaughter” (Pages 98-101)
      6. “I Have a Dream” (Pages 111-114)
      7. “The Ballot or the Bullet” (Pages 115-131)
    4. Do the following for EACH of the FOUR speeches you chose to read:
      1. Choose to EITHER do 2 Dialectical Journal entries, 1 Thought Tracking Page or 1 page of Cornell notes (aka: do not do all three for each, pick one for each)
        1. PLEASE NOTE: the DJ/TT directions have been modified since you last saw them for TKAM. PLEASE READ THEM. ALL OPTIONS SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON IDENTIFYING AND ANALYZING Rhetorical devices and appeals. This is elaborated on in the assignments. They will be graded using the modified rubric attached to the DJ/TT assignment.
        2. You may mix and match (you do not have to DJs for all of them, for example. You could do DJs for two, TT page for 1 and Cornell Notes for 1).
      2. SOAPstone for each of the four speeches.

    **PLEASE NOTE: there is a more complete list of rhetorical devices send as part of this packet. I would print it, as this will apply to Caesar when we get back.**

    Cornell Notes

    DJ/TT Directions


    Complete Rhetorical List


    Hello English 9 Students. Here are your responsibilities and tasks while we are away—Read this page and your attached assignment carefully. IT IS DUE WHEN YOU RETURN.

    1. Please keep in mind we are still making progress in our IR books. By the time we return you should be about HALF WAY in your IR book. Be prepared for some kind of check in assignment when we get back.
    2. Complete the 3-step argumentation unit attached. You have two options:
      1. You may print the document and do all work on the printed copy.
      2. You may (if you cannot print) do all the work on separate pages. HOWEVER, make sure you work is neat and clearly labeled.


    *Make sure you read the document carefully as you go. Some pieces ask you to annotate, some have questions after reading, and there are some charts and outlines you need to fill in.


    **There are two SMALL, argumentative essays you are tasked to write. In both instances you are asked to outline, draft, peer review and then revise. Since we are not in school, you MUST do the outline (in the packet), but then you may stop at your first draft of the essays. You do not have to do the peer review. I will grade them like a timed, in-class essay, rather than a process essay. The essay outline and description does NOT use the Claim-Data-Warrant terminology. HOWEVER, it is the EXACT SAME STRUCTURE.

    Claim = Claim (this is the same)

    Evidence = Data

    Analysis or Explanation = Warrant

    CC Argument Unit

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