• "The staff is very welcoming, friendly and helpful! After coming to TEC physically for the first time, the new environment helped me get my work done with very minimal distractions. I should've done hybrid earlier when I was given the opportunity!" - Nathan Cabanlit
    "best teachers EVER" - Aidan Portillo
    "TEC has helped me graduate on time and not fall behind in life by speeding up the schooling process." - Matt Coffey
    "It helped me become a better person. They expanded my mind with information and I enjoyed learning. Every teacher and staff members always had my back no matter what. This is an experience I will never forget and tec will always be in my heart." - Asianne McClinton
    "TEC has helped me graduate on time and not fall behind in life by speeding up the schooling process." - 
    "I appreciate the TEC staff and teachers" - Richard Mendez
    "switching to TEC was and still is the best decision I could have made for my academic progression with an amazing and hard-working team that has helped me reach grades I couldn't in normal schooling" - Julian Fowler
    "TEC helped me graduate at the fastest rate possible." - Sierra Garcia 
    "I never really liked school so when I came to TEC I was not expecting anything different but to my surprise it was a whole different environment and feel, the teacher and staff are really carrying and if you start to lack behind they come running after you and they try to find solutions with you on how they can help you with your academics or any other problems that you might have. So for helping me even when I got so behind and was in danger of not graduating they still stuck with me and tried to help so for that, Thank you." - Julian Camarena 
    "The teachers communicate more with their students along with the counselor. Without communicating with them, then I wouldn’t have been able to graduate." - Veronica Cerda
    "tec is easy you just have to do the work" - Ethan Ah Leong
    "TEC has helped me on so many levels and I'm so appreciative of it especially when comes to the teachers. The ones that made enjoy my time here were Ms. Chatmon and Mr. Ott from day and Mr. Garcia, Ms. Hopson, Ms. Kendall, and Mr. Ivie, I'm appreciative for being my teachers and motivating me to never give up. Thank you" - Anthony Fisher 
    "Tec has helped me be more clam and focus on myself and my work the teachers help you push through hard times and will help you with your work you just have to listen" - Lachelle Graham 
    "This school is amazing. I came to this school as a sophomore and graduated as a junior. The teachers, counselor, and principal are all amazing people. It feels like a family here. I had such a good experience attending this school and I’m so thankful." - Elisha Beltran
    "TEC’s staff is overall better than Vanden in my opinion by far just because TEC really cares about if you graduate or not, the teachers really push you to do you work and so do the counselors as well" - Ryan Wieck
    "All the staff at TEC has helped me a lot through out the time I was there and I can tell that they do really care about all of their students in helping them in any sort of way." - Omar Alfaro
    "It was amazing, Thank y'all!!" - Eddie Coh
    "TEC has helped me in ways other schools could not. The staff pushed me to become the best version of myself and achieve my goals." - Elizah Albrecht
    "A little after attending TEC, I realized what a real school is supposed to feel like. Every staff member treats you as an individual with a purpose in the world." - Josiah Jenkins
    "I absolutely love this school. Teachers and other staff help immensely and develop friendships with all the students. I will miss this school after graduation. But I definitely will come back to visit all the time!" - Brandon Maushart
    "TEC is the best school ever ,I feel like I am always welcomed ,I feel comfortable with reaching out for help ,and always loved " - Jacquelin Fontenot
    "the whole staff has been there for when ever i needed them and i very appreciate that" - Nathan Matias
    "TEC was the only school I was excited to go to. The teachers and staff are your friends and just want to see you get better. Even through distance learning they still said "hello" everyday with a smile." - Justine Eurich
    "TEC is the best high school/continuation school.  Every teacher is amazing in every way and helped me every day."  - Holly Montoya
    "TEC has prepared me for my next chapter in life. I am ready with full confidence." - Dana Aweau
    "TEC has pushed me to make amends, stop stressing, and just finish strong." Ronelyn Villarosa
    "I love it here, everything from the school to the kids.  It's just such a good place to be."  Eric Lopez
    "I personally believe that TEC staff are some of the greatest staff members I've ever interacted with."   Michael Braylock
    "TEC has helped me grow as a person.  Teachers are a great help." Adriana Flores 
    "Before TEC, I always seemed to struggle academically, but coming to this campus has changed that dramatically & simplified school. Going to TEC didn't seem like school. With so much help around me, it was a comfortable and enjoyable experience."  Camilo Andrade 
    "TEC is such an amazing school.  I have come a long way and the teachers and staff have helped me so much and pushed me to do better.  TEC helped me accomplish my credits and graduate high school.  I am very grateful for everyone who helped me at TEC." Angelica Gonzales 
    "TEC has allowed me to graduate a whole year early, as a junior. This was a very big goal of mine and TEC made it possible. TEC showed me how to use many character traits, especially optimism and grit. The staff was wonderful and Ms, Rude is, without a doubt, the best principal I have had the pleasure of meeting."   Alec Andrade 
    "The TEC program is amazing.  I've learned so much and am much more well rounded because of my experiences at TEC. I love it here and will continue to visit to check up on the teachers and to help advise incoming students.  I will always be an ambassador for TEC. Jakob Burr 
    "TEC has helped me become more outspoken and confident." Emoni Thomas
    "I feel like TEC has really helped me accomplish my goals ans has helped me mature. I am happy to say that I went to TEC."  Cielo Salinas
    "I have never been to a school where the teachers and staff are so genuinely concerned about their students and focus heavily on supporting us on our journey during school.  Their doors are always open, even after we graduate, and I appreciate it so much.  Thank you!"   Bryce Gomez
    "I think the staff truly cares for their students to strive."  Haivyn Vanasse
    "The staff at TEC have helped me become the person I am growing into today. TEC is more like my family than just staff and peers."  Aniza Abesamis
    "Thank you for helping me become someone I'm not afraid to be; thank you for helping me mature into an adult."  Richard Alarcon
    "TEC has strongly changed my perception of life.  With what I had originally been going through before being a student at TEC, I didn't expect much happiness or a positive change in my life since it has already taken a negative turn.  During these last few months, even though I had obstacles in the way, my life has gotten extremely better...and most of that is because of TEC."  Anjoli Wijangco
    "I believe that TEC is an amazing school and that the teachers and staff are very helpful and determined to help students get their education.  I like the way that TEC operates more than any other school that I have been to. I can do my work at my own pace, they have a friendly environment, everyone is getting along, and I just feel safe when I come here. I'm really going to miss TEC.  I appreciate and adore everyone.  I hope the best for this school and to the upcoming students."  Max Cabauatan
    "TEC is a small school with 10-15 students in each class; this made a big impact in my life. I wouldn't get distracted so easily and all of my teachers had time for me, to help me and explain something I didn't understand.  TEC staff motivated us and were always reminding us to do better.  TEC introduced the character traits and it helped me accomplish a lot at TEC. Go T-Birds!" Cynthia Ramirez
    "I'm very glad that I got and took the opportunity to graduate early and get a headstart on my adult life."  Hallie Couvillion
    "TEC is a great school and I recommend it for almost anybody.  The staff is always there when you need them and you never have to be afraid to ask for help."   Jennifer Armstrong
    "TEC is close like a family.  I understood more and matured more here. We don't like drama here.  We'll fight, but then we're cool the next day. The teachers are all awesome, even the new teachers. I'll miss my friends because we became family.  TEC is very welcoming and awesome."  Ethan Donovan
    "TEC is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  It is worth it."  Dalia Johnson
    "I like TEC becuase it gives students a chance to have a closer relationship with the staff."  Isaiah Lagman
    "When I first got to TEC I thought there was no way I'd stay here, but then I grew to love the school and the people in it.  I'm glad I ended up here." Zachariah Donaldson
    "All of the staff members here are very great at what they do."  Marcus McPherson
    "TEC has helped me mature as a man.  The Character Strengths that we practice will stick with me for life.  The bond I built with the staff is unforgettable."  Arman Sands
    "The students are weird, but the teachers actually care about you."  Cathryn Casey
    "I am happy that TEC helped me with everything. The staff is great.  The staff is there to help students stay out of trouble and make sure students don't fight or bully others.  That's what I like about TEC and the staff.  I'm going to miss this school so much.  I love TEC so much.  It's the best high school." Ja'Niece McCutcheon
    "TEC staff is the most helpful, encouraging, and caring group of adults I've ever encountered in my education career.  They've made the most beneficial impact on me and my future."  Ana Maria Serrano
    "I came to TEC to find out who I am. It has helped me puruse my quest for college.  I've enjoyed the time I've spent here at TEC, feeling welcome. It may not be a school for everyone, but it sure was for me."  Miguel Gonzalez
    " TEC has honestly helped me accomplish everything.  If it weren't for TEC, I would be in a school where I know I would not graduate."  Melissa Padilla
    "I'm going to miss this place.  My mom loved this school."  Lauren Weinzinger
    "Without this school, I probably wouldn't finish high school.  These are the best teachers I've ever had."  Ricardo Rose
    "This place gave me friends I will never forget, an education I will always appreciate, and a place I felt safe to be myself."  Garet Romiski
    "I think the TEC program has helped me on my improvement in school because all the teachers were there to help me." Michelle Cruz
    "TEC is not a high school.  TEC is home!" Damien Almstrom
    "TEC has made me become a real person, not someone who wants to follow the crowd.  I have gained more respect for myself."  Cassandra Casey
    "I believe that in the 8 months I have been here, TEC has prepared me for my after high school life more than I was." Leila Shaw
    "What I liked about TEC, and what helped me to graduate, was the support and love at TEC.  It is like no other." Jai'Lan Dunn
    "TEC was one of the best things that has happened to me."  Isabella Reynolds
    "One good thing about TEC is the staff pays close attention to people's character and helps them improve in that area."  Markee Scott
    "Here at TEC, you're free to be you, as long as "you" don't take away from other people. I've always felt at ease here, comfortable.  I appreciate all that the teachers/staff do for us.  They helped me get out of high school and in to the big life.  They also made high school a good experience."  Cooper Salvador
    "TEC is not a school to be taken for granted. The staff sincerely cares and wants the best for each student. Without the teachers' support, I would not have graduated, to be honest."  Bella Crummey Smith
    "TEC has the best staff out of all the schools I have been to. I am going to miss everyone."  Chris Rodriguez
    "The TEC staff has been nothing but a loving family, with a heart that helps me learn usedful skills to actually help me later in life. I can't thank you guys enough."  -Easton Shook
    "I was really struggling at Vanden.  TEC gave me the chance to fix that problem.  Ever since I came to TEC, I've been the happiest I've ever been." Elijah Centeno
    "TEC offers a lot. They understand the needs of different groups that attend.  Flexible scheduling is one of the greater things that TEC has to offer."  Khalia Dunn
    "Coming to TEC is the greatest choice I've ever made. The teachers here are all caring and they treat you with the respect you deserve. I would like to thank TEC for making me love school again, and you will all have a special place in my heart."  Matt Endaya
    "I would like to thank all of the staff at TEC. They all motivated me to get my work done and graduate.  They're all so very supportive.   I appreciate everything they've done for me."  Kenzie Miller