Staff Links
    Travis Unified staff members can log in to the website and get to the Staff Intranet, which is listed as a school in the top drop down menu.  It doesn't show as a school unless you log in.  It is invisible to public users.

    We are providing the links here as a convenience so you don't have to log in to get to the links for entering grades, checking e-mail, or getting a sub.
    District e-mail (Office 365)
    Effective summer 2015 we are now using Office 365. Login with your full email address i.e. username@travisusd.org and your password.
    The link above will take you the Absence Management web site where you can report absence (Aesop) or record overtime (VeriTime).  
    VeriTime login 
    The link above will take you to Aeries.NET, the online version of Aeries. This is the ABI replacement.
    The link above will take you to payroll and benefit forms. 
    The link above will take you to human resource forms. 
    This link will take you to teacher curriculum and resources.
    OMS -- Professional Development Calendar - 
    The above link will give you access to our NEW Professional Development Calendar where you can sign up and manage district professional development.  DO NOT register. You already have a username. PLC Facilitators will share this with you.