Teachers: Cheryl Chatmon, Jason Ott, Marti Stralla

    Instructional Aide/Campus Monitor: Willie York

    Students enrolled at TCDS are placed their through the SARB process, Administrative Hearing, or Probation. The staff at TCDS are committed to creating a safe learning environment, supporting students in meeting behavior, attendance, and academic goals. TCDS operates independently from TEC, although staff work collaboratively. Only those students who have successfully satisfied the terms of their SARB/Admin placement will be considered for transfer to a less restrictive environment. Review meetings will be scheduled with parents in advance when a change of placement in considered, generally at the end of the quarter or semester.


    What are school hours at TCDS?

    School starts at 7:30. Students are released at 2:03. There are no common planning days at TCDS.

    What are my options for transportation to and from school?

    Students may be dropped off, walk, drive, or ride the bus. TCDS school students MUST ride the TCDS bus. They are not permitted to ride buses from other schools in TUSD.

    What is the procedure for lunch?

    Students may bring their own lunch or may purchase a school lunch. Those students wishing to purchase a lunch will have an opportunity to order their lunch before 9:30. Students will be assigned to 1 of 2 lunch periods. The first lunch is at 11:00am and the 2nd lunch is at 11:30. The lunch assignment may change at teacher’s discretion. Students are not permitted to leave for lunch or share lunches.

    What is the level of supervision at TCDS?

    Due to the special nature of TCDS, students are closely supervised at all times. This includes lunch-time supervision and supervision to/from the restroom.

    How are the classes structured at TCDS?

    There are 3 teachers at TCDS. Most course work is completed on-line, using a program called Cyber High. Students requiring special education services are supported by a credentialed special education teacher. Students start each day in a GUIDANCE period and also participate in physical education and a fine arts program. (or other elective)

    Is there homework at TCDS?

    There is no homework at TCDS. Students are given ample time to complete their assignments in class and are expected to use their time effectively and efficiently.

    What school supplies are needed?

    All supplies will be provided to students. Students are not expected to bring any supplies and are not permitted to bring backpacks to school. Under no circumstances are students to bring Sharpies or other items used for vandalism.

    Are electronic devices permitted on campus?

    Students are expected to surrender their electronic device to TCDS staff when arriving to school. Electronic items will be returned to students at the end of the school day. Two or more cell phone violations will result in suspension. Students wishing to make a phone call MUST get approval from staff to use a school phone.

    Closed Campus

    TCDS is a closed campus. Any student leaving campus during the school day must have authorization to avoid suspension. To expedite this process, please call in the morning to arrange for an off campus pass for your student. Leaving campus without an off campus pass will result in suspension. TCDS students are NOT permitted on the TEC or Vanden campuses. Attendance at extra-curricular events (athletic events/dances) is at the discretion of the TCDS principal.

    What is the Dress Code at TCDS:

    The dress code for Community Day is the same as it is for TEC. However, students are not permitted to wear hats. Students out of compliance will be required to change clothes.