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Mr. Brodersen

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Degrees and Certifications:

What’s this going to be like?

Hello everybody. As you know my name is Max Brodersen. I prefer to be called Mr. Brodersen or Mr. B. Either is fine.This is my 7th year of teaching science at Golden West. I retired from Fairfield District 9 years ago. I then subbed at Golden West 2 years later and fell in love with the school and the students. I only teach 1/2 time. I’ve been teaching 42 years. So yes, I’m old. You’ll find that I have a terrible sense of humor by the plethora of pathetic jokes you will be subjected to.

In the 8th grade you will be learning Physical Science. It is basically watered down Physics. The subject isn’t hard, but can be confusing at times. Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions to understand. The hardest part for you will be to stay on task and complete all assignments. Your grades will be based on 50% class work/homework, and 50% quizzes/projects. We will be working with the program Amplify, mostly. I will be speaking with you using Zoom on a daily basis except for Wednesday. The areas we will be exploring are:

Harnessing Human Energy

Force and Motion

Magnetic Forces

Thermal Energy

Light Waves

Phase Changes

Chemical Reactions

At times I will be asking you to do experiments with your parents. When an assignment asks you to share with a fellow student, I want you to share with your family.

I will be posting the week’s assignments on this website. All work must be completed by the Friday(5:00 pm) of the current week. No late work will be accepted unless agreed upon by the student, a parent, and the teacher. We won’t be using Amplify to begin with. We are going to study Astronomy.