Foxboro Spirit
    Our school colors are purple and teal. Our school mascot is the Red Fox. The red fox is by far the most common species of fox. It is 36 to 42 inches long, not including the tail, weighs about 15 pounds, and is distinguished by black ears and feet and a white tip on the tail. The coat is usually some shade of rusty-red or reddish-brown, sprinkled with light-tipped hairs. The red fox ranges across Eurasia and North Africa and from Northern Mexico to the Arctic. Within these vast zones diverse variations of the red fox have developed; those of the south are smaller and have lighter-colored coats, and those of the north are larger, with thicker and darker coats. The silver fox, valued for its black, frosted fur, is simply a variant of the red fox. The great alertness of the red fox, and its keen senses of smell, hearing, and sight, enables it to live close to human habitation without being easily noticed. Farmland with woodlots and open fields provides it with good cover and abundant rodents, especially field mice. When the red foxes have been eradicated from rural areas, populations of rodents have swelled. Red foxes were introduced to Australia to cope with its plague of previously introduced rabbits.