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Volunteer at TUSD!


Thank you for being interested in becoming a volunteer at Travis Unified School District. 

We encourage community members and parents to share their time, knowledge and ability by volunteering in any of our schools. Our Educators, value the time and special talents of volunteers and welcome them into the classrooms. 

     To get started, create your CERVIS Profile. Explore the level of Volunteer you would like to be and what is required for each. 

Need to schedule a Livescan Fingerprint Appointment?

Click here to Schedule your Livescan Fingerprint Appointment

What Level of Volunteer you would like to be?

You will receive an email indicating the Level of Clearance for which you have been approved, which could be Level A, Level B, or Level D for volunteers.
Upon receiving this email, the site secretary will also be notified of your clearance level.
Please make sure to check your email to confirm your clearance status. 

Create Your Volunteer Profile

Create your volunteer profile for CERVIS here. Following submission of the required paperwork, expect an email confirming your clearance as a Level A,B, or D volunteer. Depending on the documentation you provided and clearance obtained.

Using a Mobile Phone? 

Click here to access CERVIS to create your Volunteer Profile

Volunteer Forms

Explore the volunteer form section, and select the relevant documents based on your desired level of volunteer commitment at Travis Unified School District.

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

The information below might provide you with what you need to know to become a volunteer.  If after reading this information you still have questions, please contact the school where you would like to volunteer.

Point of Contact

If you have any inquiries about Substitute, please contact Elizabeth Chavez, District Office Secretary.

Phone: 707-437-4604 ext. 1000