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Mrs. Rowena Kendall

What an awesome experience it is to teach here at Travis Education Center!  To be able to fill a young person's mind with knowledge is an experience you want to savor forever.  Reach out and touch someone who is not expecting it and see what happens.  Seek joy through helping someone else.  You will never regret it.  Your life will be richer for it.  
  • What's Going On?
    We are currently talking about Five Mindsets Mentally Strong People Avoid!!!
    According to LifeHack contributor Amy Morin, there are thirteen common habits that "strong people" avoid.  Here are just five of them.  Which ones can you identify with?  Are you a mentally strong person?
      1.  They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves:  Life will eventually be unfair to everyone.  The mentally strong own up to their role and move on.  
      2.  They don't give away their power:  No one makes them feel anything because they know that's not possible. They control how they will react to slings and arrows.  
      3. They don't shy away from change:  Change isn't scary-it's merely another chance to prove themselves.
      4.  They don't waste energy on things they can't control:  If it's out of your hands, it's out of your mind with this group.  
      5.  They don't worry about pleasing everyone:  No is a complete sentence, and if it wasn't what the other person wanted to hear, they can handle the negativity.