Degrees and Certifications:

Graduate School: University of California Davis (Social Science Credential, Masters of Education) Undergraduate School: University of California Davis (Human Development, History)

Ms. Miller


What is Psychology?

Psychology is both an applied and academic field that studies the human mind and behavior. Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain how we think, act and feel. As most people  already realize, a large part of psychology is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, but that is just the start (and a small part!) when it comes to applications for psychology. This course is a college prep course and we will be doing work that both covers what an introductory course in psycholgoy class would cover in college and we will cover a wide range of topics. As a college prep course, we will work both in the class and out out, all while doing extensive work about the mind. You will design experiments, analyze academic journals, study the scientific process and diagnose case studies.


What is World History?

World History is a survey course that gives students the opprotunity to explore recurring themes of human experience common to civilizations around the globe from ancient to contemporary times. Studeds witll examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, and movements. They will broaden their historical perspective as they explore ways societies have dealt with continuity and change as exemplified by issues such as war and peace, internal stability and strife, and the development of institutions. This course serves as a foundation for government and economics. 


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