Inter-District Attendance (IDA) Agreements and Transfers:
    If you live outside of the Travis District Boundaries, you can request that your child attend a school in the Travis Unified School District. The Student Services Department processes all these transfer requests. Inter-District transfers may be initiated throughout the year. The process begins at the district of residence, where a "release to attend Travis Schools" is secured. Once this is completed, a Travis USD application is obtained from the Student Services Department. Regardless of priority, all IDA Agreements are based upon space availability and available resources.
    • Parents apply for a student release out from their district of residence.  Please contact your current school district for this release.  If you are a military parent and have been assigned to Temporary Living Quarters, you may contact Student Services at
    • (707) 437-4604, ext. 1114, to get application and transfer information. 
    • Parents fill out an Inter District Attendance Application 2019-20 

    This application must include parent and student signatures, the most recent report card for elementary and middle school students, and a transcript and class schedule for high school students, Copy of current IEP or 504.  Return the form to Student Services, not the school you wish to have your child attend.

    The Student Services Office will send you a letter of approval or denial.


     Applications can be emailed, faxed to



    Fax # 707-437-8254



    Process Used to Determine Priorities:

    Priority consideration will be given to:

    • Parents/Guardians who work for Travis USD
    • Dependents of active duty military personnel.